Top 20 Crowded House Songs

June 10, 2010 18 Comments

This is only in my opinion, but it’s pretty accurate if you’re looking at it objectively too. All songs listed here are sung by Neil Finn, he wrote and composed most of them too. Enjoy

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18 Comments to “Top 20 Crowded House Songs”
  1. Hawk10Eyes says:

    @joshualucas Record sales, most played in concerts, Recurring Dream (Greatest Hits Compilation), and those type of quantitative considerations.

    Music critics also speak of lyrics, musical composition, key changes, voice pitch and tone, and other types of qualitative standards.

    Of course none of this matters when you’re listening to a song, but you generally enjoy a song more when you understand more about it (or at least think you understand more about it).

  2. joshualucas says:

    cool list, agree with listing when you come as #1. one question though – how can any list of ‘best songs’ be “objective” as stated in the description?

  3. carolinehalling3 says:

    Thanks for this compilation! I am a fairly new crowded house fan so you have introduced me to many songs I wasn’t familiar with. My favourites are: When you come, Fall at your feet + Distant sun

  4. shpankyfunky says:

    where is Four sesons in one day and It’s only natural??

  5. lustforlife358 says:

    Nice compilation, and a dificult task, its your opinion which I respect, as should others. Its hard to put the songs in order of favs because that could change tomorrow. In my opinion there is not a bad tune in the entire CH Catalogue.

  6. attractanything says:

    I second “How will you go” for inclusion. Amazing tune.

    There’s so many great ones that didn’t make list though: “Locked out,” “I feel possessed,” “Mean to me,” “Not the girl you think you are,” “Now we’re getting somewhere,” “Weather with you,” etc…

    Maybe a top 50 list would be in order!?

    Cool vid Hawk10Eyes!
    – thanks for posting!

  7. steviemax147 says:

    What about ‘How Will You Go’ that would be in my top 3 all day long!

  8. Rockcritic97 says:

    Great job doing this, much appreciated

    My top 5 would be

    Distant Sun
    Fall at your feet
    Nails in my feet
    Private Universe
    and a tie between Whispers and Moans, Never be the same and World where you live

    Well done again

  9. savvo01 says:

    Woah, you didn’t include Four Seasons In One Day, I am in disbelief.

  10. cyclonus38 says:

    Great effort on putting this together man. Especially the inclusion of Nails In My Feet.

    Bit too much focus on the new album for my liking though.

  11. Hawk10Eyes says:

    Though I do agree with you about “Private Universe”, which if I was to make this again would be in the top 5, I don’t regret not including “Locked Out” too much.

    Everyone has their favourites, and I think what kind of mood your in, like some have already said, is really important. It just wasn’t a “Private Universe” day for me.

  12. stonerose99 says:

    No Locked Out??.. No Private Universe??…. ouch.

  13. whyohwhy999 says:

    Nice job. Great list. I have often tried to put together my top CH favorites but it is a tough thing to do and as someone else said it sometimes depends on your mood. I can’t argue with any of your list. I would, however, add any live version of Silent House (and Heaven that I’m Making while we’re at it) … the only improvement I can think of.

    “Sometimes you have to you have to turn the wrong way round…sometimes you get too close to nowhere now”

  14. Tangoedout says:

    I think you could just about make a different top five or even top 10 depending on your mood!!! My five would be Kare Kare, Into Temptation, Something So Strong, Not the Girl and Private Universe!!

  15. Hawk10Eyes says:

    There are way too many good Crowded House songs to consider, so I was bound to make some mistakes, but damn, I can’t believe I left out “Private Universe”… and “Kare Kare” now that I think about it.

    Anyway Crowded House are like the Beatles, they both have way too many good songs to limit to a list of 20, and each fan is probably going to have a different opinion on their top 20.

    I made quite a few mistakes now that I look at it, but I am still very happy with the top 5.

  16. Tangoedout says:

    Wow that would be totally different to my top 20!! Nice idea though I think Private Universe and Pineapple Head should be in the top five!! Good to see Don’t dream wasn’t the number one!! I missed Sister Madly too!!

  17. Hawk10Eyes says:

    “Fingers of Love” is live – taken from the “Farewell to the World” concert in Sydney, I just prefer it over the original a tad bit. Kudos for noticing.

    And sorry I had to limit it to 20, so there was quite a few I had to leave out, including “Mean to Me”, but “Weather With You” is probably the biggest one I left out; “Sister Madly” is another I regret not including slightly.

    Oh and you’re welcome.

  18. freochook says:

    Is that version of “Fingers of Love” live? It sounds different!
    Nice countdown, but where is “Mean to Me” ? Haha, it is my favourite! Thanks.

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