To install a rock in my landscaping, what all do I need to do before I can put the rock down?

March 2, 2005 6 Comments
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6 Comments to “To install a rock in my landscaping, what all do I need to do before I can put the rock down?”
  1. Not knowing where you live, and what type of substructure you have; I don’t know why you would have to dig, or add sand and gravel. your plan sounds good to me. I would use newspaper instead of the weed screen, because I think it prevents weeds better. It will break-down eventually, but it will enrich the soil.

  2. lilmystic63 says:

    it wouldn’t be necessary to level the ground where you are going to put the rock. clear the area you are wanting to put it and then the weed fabric.after you put the rock where you want it you could get a bag of what I refer to as river rock, you can get river rock at most Lowe’s, home depot even walmarts carry it. river rock is small colored rocks. good luck!!!!

  3. Julie says:

    no.. what you’re talking about should be fine. if you do put sand down, put it under your fabric.. that way, the water will drain through the rock and fabric and then into the sand, then the soil.

    um.. if your rocks wash away.. that will be a HECK of a rain! I think you’re right!

  4. Tersie says:

    I am in no way an expert but…. If you are putting down a fairly large rock you will want to bury part of it in the ground so it looks more natural than just sitting there.

    If you are talking of putting down a layer of smaller rocks you can put down the fabric first then your rocks. If you want the top of the rocks level with the surrounding areas you will need to remove a few inches of dirt first.

    Good luck.

  5. Robert D says:

    If this is next to the side of your house just make sure it still slopes away from your house and is not lower at the edge. You don’t need to add sand or gravel. Just dig up the weeds or grass, put down some type of edging and some landscape fabric. Warning…weeds will come thru the cheaper landscape fabric with the holes in it. I buy the commercial fabric from a landscape center that is more like a thick felt material and when I landscape next to my house I use heavy mil black plastic. This will help keep water away from the foundation and send it more into the yard. After that just shovel in your rocks and if you ever want to add plantings just pull the rocks back and cut a X in your fabric and add your plant or shrub.

  6. Typically you do need to dig down to place the rock or stone in. A typical installation is 3″ to 4″ down. Make sure you have a hard edge against the grass areas. Steel edge is best. Then make sure you have your weed barrier down. Make sure it is permeable. Compacted the soil below is a good idea too. Something else to consider, especially if your not planting anything at all, is to use a grass and weed killer on the areas to be rocked before you start the process. Make sure you kill everything underneath.

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