Tim Finn & Crowded House – Not Even Close (unplugged 1990)

March 17, 2009 6 Comments
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6 Comments to “Tim Finn & Crowded House – Not Even Close (unplugged 1990)”
  1. eeaarrtthh1 says:

    Is this from a full set of unplugged songs? Far out , because having more of them on you tube would be gold – if anyone can….. its great, thanks

  2. ironpirates says:

    Didn’t know it even existed. Very nice. They are SO young here.

  3. AndiAntenne says:

    jakinru you’re so damn right

  4. jakinru says:

    been trying to find this for years, just such great lyrics and performance

  5. jkj10 says:

    I´m glad someone finally posted this.Thanx a million.

  6. itssteev says:

    About as good as it gets . . .

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