Throw your arms around me – Crowded House & Johnny Marr

May 31, 2010 13 Comments

Live version of ‘Throw your arms around me’ from Crowded House, featuring Johnny Marr at the Liverpool Echo Arena on 9 July 2008. Taken from Row J

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13 Comments to “Throw your arms around me – Crowded House & Johnny Marr”
  1. darrenwhiteley8 says:

    This was mine and my wife’s first song at our wedding and we were made up when they played this in Liverpool – brilliant

  2. sheeeeeeeva says:

    Johnny marr….the best rythym guitarist to ever pick up a guitar…fabulous…modest…I don’t think he even knows how many lives he has narrated.

    Bless you Johnny, you narrated my life for one!

  3. leanda27 says:

    oh this is nice. cant believe ive missed this here on YT. oh well its NF birthday 2day. happys to him.

  4. gonzax says:

    Marr is the best guitar player EVER and you couldnt have more style even if you tried.

  5. arm240582 says:

    me 2 heroes an i wasn’t even there. i still cant forgive me self.

  6. gal00li says:

    I was also in row j but had my show ruined by all the people who flooded the isle (i had an end of isle seat) and even standing up I couldn’t see the stage properly) but they were excellent on the night

  7. walleyrange says:

    Im gutted for you. You missed one of the best gigs ever

  8. joshualucas says:

    …and consolidate my 2 favourite bands in CH and the smiths.

  9. arm240582 says:

    i missed this gig an i will never forgive my self

  10. baranyandi says:

    That guitar solo was superb. Johnny Marr should join Crowded House! ;)

  11. alkadypod says:

    Neil is just gorgeous!

  12. gentle1hum says:


  13. Plumplechook says:

    Superb. Go Johnny and Neil!

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