The Offspring – Want You Bad

October 29, 2006 25 Comments
offspringtv asked:

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25 Comments to “The Offspring – Want You Bad”
  1. of course the can explodes in the black guys face :D

  2. LUCKas1212 says:

    @digitalslayer4 the 2nd one

  3. LUCKas1212 says:

    AMERICAN PIE! lol man i miss the 90′s

  4. dj123dj1234 says:

    this song was on tony hawks 3 wasnt it? or some game, i cant remember now :(

  5. LOVEEEE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thezmon221 says:

    @XXXiwantatacoXXX If you think about it, the “White Guy” got crewed first when the chick slapped him. So, I think they are equal.

  7. somebody tell me what american pie this is in i wanna see it

  8. b42w4242 says:

    @hollychapmanak fuck lady gaga. she aint nothin but some big corperation manufactured piece of garbage. though these dudes are corperate too, they are an exception though.

  9. Her New racy video for “Telephone” by stripping off in a jail cell. Was in a way very cool!! – Nakedlady gaga. C00Mm -

  10. dexter….i love ur hot sauce….gringo bandito…guys it can be found at food 4 less.

  11. @XXXiwantatacoXXX yea but he blew that shit up with his mind lmfao…fuckin awesome

  12. candylaneac says:

    I remember buying this single when I was little and got the flaming skull temporary tattoo with it. Best temp tatt ever it took weeks to come off.

  13. I think i just pooped, new Ipod touch Jailbreak for 3.1.3, Add this to your URL: /watch?v=qyuwJLBelTQ

  14. @punkrockboy979 haha i know. thats so dam funny

  15. where can i get one of those cans

  16. i love the end where its like hes jerking off the soda and she ends up covered in what really doesnt appear to be soda….lolz

  17. yea my band to! its titty tasels! jk! just listin to the song you queers.. shit.. fuck.. come on… good song though.

  18. fucking awesome, kick ass :D

  19. muito loka Offspring ! ;D

  20. sk8kevin93 says:

    hes also like the only black person in tha whole vid lol

  21. If you’re a fan of pop punk then you should check out my band! xD

  22. I had a seizure watching this video.

  23. slicknick432 says:

    Proper music here:P Fucking brilliant

  24. xBudRaDx says:

    @gabba1gabba1hey Bands grow and change their style. Get over it, they’re still amazing.

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