The Fixx – “Stand or Fall” Music Video

August 27, 2006 25 Comments
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25 Comments to “The Fixx – “Stand or Fall” Music Video”
  1. anyone who appreciates music realizes this band is Amazing!

  2. ediglenn7786 says:

    @wblk2005, glad you concur! If I could back to that time for one day I would! It just seems like the music was always so good and always matched the mood. We just didn’t realize that it would hold up so long. I married my high school sweetheart so we both really enjoy hearing blasts from the past! What is truly amazing is that many of artists from that day are still touring! What a great time to be alive!

  3. Vogue0843 says:

    What i miss most about that era was the beach parties and house parties people who knew each other for years we were all friends listening to great music sitting by bon fires next to lakes or the Ocean.Today it seems like that has all changed…more violence and tension now more gangsta nonsense then back in those days…….really miss all those 1970′s Bandit trans ams with the great stereo’s in the back………lol

  4. baredd79 says:

    very underrated band.

  5. czarman01 says:

    @elimdeyonkersny I hate to sound like a nostalgic wimp….but damn you hit it right on the money. I was 13 in 1980 and 23 in 1990 So all that great music was what I listened to while I was growing up. I can tell you where, when, who, and what just by listening to those great songs. LA was definitley the place to be in he 80s.

  6. Nabelnoir says:

    @Nabelnoir ….DUh! I meant Cy… I would always confuse his name with a friend in junior high name Nick Kunin.

  7. Nabelnoir says:

    @ediglenn7786 1988 Graduate here, but I will never forget some of the sights and sounds of that age and where I was when I experienced them all. I loved Nick’s hair too.

  8. julierice100 says:

    @elimdeyonkersny you betcha….im seeing spandau ballet 23/4/2010…tears for fears,,,,yippee

  9. wblk2005 says:

    Hey ediglenn7786 I couldnt have said it better I graduated in 86 too and feel the same way!

  10. MrVittoa says:

    Beautiful Classic!!!

  11. I long for the Cold War!

  12. kll510 says:

    @gregxiu. Well said. I was 15 back in 1982 and listening to this song takes me right back to high school and all the fun times and watching mtv.

  13. Group’s like the fixx,oingo boingo,duran duran,thompson twins,flock of seaguls,and countless other’s made the 80′s forever memorable………….

  14. Yes. When MTV Played Music Videos!

  15. ediglenn7786 says:

    Graduating from high school in 1986, I grew up right int he middle of a truly great decade for music. More known as the generation of one hit wonders, a good nuber of bands were consistently solid through multiple album releases. The Fixx was one of those bands that even today, decades later, still has a timeless sound. If you think it’s awesome now, it was nothing compared to living through it! Truly, that was a great time.

  16. DCRacing0260 says:

    Classic Old School!

  17. If You Want More 80′s Music, Check Out My Channel

  18. gregxiu says:

    This song has such a mystique about it.

    It must bring back memories for many of us who were ages 10-34 during the mid-1980′s. Makes you think about who your friends were, your job, school, what made you happy(and sad), what you miss.

    Also, how in the h*ll this song never make it onto an episode of Miami Vice is beyond me.

    God they don’t make’em like this anymore.

  19. sfumato1002 says:

    From the 50′s to the early 90′s was the golden era of human music. Yes there was great musicans in past but over all, 50′s-90′s was golden. Todays music is crap..

  20. This track and this video is totally breathtaking.

    Everytime I listen to “Stand or Fall” I fall in love with it more and more each time. 1982 = THE year for FLAWLESS pop muzik.

    Stunning track, makes me emotional all the time. The horse in this video is so beautiful +

  21. marianamere says:

    As always, and still, a brilliant video and song…

    @any of the negatives…maybe you aren’t getting it…esp you “cosmo262″ – you are obviously oblivious.

    @TheFixx – amazing and beautiful. Thank you, Watching this makes me sad that videos aren’t made like this anymore…

  22. We have a chance to turn things around…that was the message and still is. Not many other 80′s/ cold war songs included that.

  23. DartsRme312 says:

    great nuke song by men at work….”it’s a mistake….and a song not heard on radio..”NO SIGN OF YESTERDAY”…is a great nuclear destruction song…the early part of the 80′s had tons of nuclear holocaustal type songs…great era!!

  24. DartsRme312 says:

    THE FIXX THROW A GREAT CONCERT!!..might go see them in busch gardens, Virginia…i live in trip is too far to see the fixx…..

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