Supergroove – Scorpio Girls – crowded house 31-10-07

June 11, 2010 9 Comments

this song went off, they are a great live act and preform like they never seperated

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9 Comments to “Supergroove – Scorpio Girls – crowded house 31-10-07”
  1. shezza1231 says:

    i jst seen these guys yestaday they were fucking awesome

  2. mindmanvi says:

    31-10.. that was the wellington one aye??

    i was there, top left corner of the screen… perfect view into the guitar tech pit…

  3. ruinedazteccathedral says:

    I just saw these guys on thursday. I’m so glad that they got back together. I honestly waited for years hoping they would reunite. they’ve all still got it and i hope they plan on sticking around for a while longer!!! nice stuff

  4. dcryan77 says:


  5. si2008nz says:

    the horn section is out of tune. flat as. a shame as these guys are awesome. im seeing them tonite, i hope theyve tuned thier instruments…..

  6. ufonz says:

    move over chilli peppers

  7. ufonz says:

    write another album and this will be a 20 million copy seller……………….

  8. neilithic says:

    Good to see them back together. Hopefully they can write some new stuff, maybe Che could contribute, some of his solo stuff was pretty good.

  9. Lachie55 says:

    hope they stick around enough to play at Big Day out this year… they were awesome in CHCH too

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