ST-611 Better Be Home Soon, Crowded House (Guitar Lesson)

October 9, 2007 24 Comments
JustinSandercoeSongs asked:

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24 Comments to “ST-611 Better Be Home Soon, Crowded House (Guitar Lesson)”
  1. gd but took over 4 minutes for you to even start.

  2. doshus73 says:

    Very good and very funny….

  3. he owns a tasmanian devil, and im guessing thats it

  4. Funkfuzzi1 says:

    very good…

    had problems with the chords in the bridge !

    what a brilliant song btw !!!!

  5. 4Him4u2 says:

    Thanks so much for the lesson, done very well. Is that an angry wombat at the end??

  6. Good lesson mate, just what i needed.

    One question… could you play the bass riff part on the 6th string do you think?


  7. OMG! your a life saver i had to learn this song for my music class , and you are waaaay more interesting then my music teacher . maybe you culd give him some lessons LOL

  8. kingaboy says:

    your really easy to watch and listen to. I like your plain english speaking.

  9. ronin147800 says:

    Very insightful and helpful. Your pretty funny as well, that’s a good way to get people to pay attention when your teaching. Your awesome, I learned a lot.

  10. turtleboy411 says:

    Simple mistake :) I’m attempting to learn this song atm, It’s hard cause it’s so cold here.

  11. turtleboy411 says:

    The song is not “Hey now” It’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” :)

  12. What guitar is this?

  13. Thanks a lot, man. I like the way teach your lessons. They re very helpful.

  14. Oh I G you too, buddy =P
    I’m performing this for my senior music assessment, and it’s been difficult to find the proper technique involved in the accoustic section of this song.
    It’s helped a lot, thanks =D

  15. MissyLKS8 says:

    Crowded House is my favorite too. Any free time you know, you should do “Hey Now” or “I Walk Away”… I mean, if you can :-)

  16. camillerig says:

    Best guitar tutes on the web. You have re-inspired me to pick up the guitar again

  17. kiwiguy77 says:

    yeah bro awesome. kiwi az. check out tiki tane, herbs, exponents

  18. snmalloy says:

    Thanks Justin, CH is my favorite too! It was great to see some of the little things I have been missing from taking poor tabs from the Net. I look forward to see more your lessons. I can’t say how great it is for you to spend your time helping the rest of us better learn the songs we love. Cheers!

  19. duthart56 says:

    Some guy,
    Very good tutorial and delivered with some personality. 5 Stars mate. Keep it up.

  20. x1jett says:

    nice work. i enjoyed the lesson.

  21. BaldingStar says:

    hey justin good tutorial i am a massive crowded house fan i tried to cover private universe which is my favourite crowded house song would appreciate if you have time maybe you could let me know what you think any tips things i could improve on cheers

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