Split Enz – One Step Ahead

May 29, 2005 24 Comments
JimEAPG asked:

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24 Comments to “Split Enz – One Step Ahead”
  1. 09nemo10 says:

    In Australia. In Sydney the radio station is 101.7 WS FM, you can tune in over the net.

  2. enviro6400 says:

    which country did you here this played in nemo?

  3. raposofan says:

    This is exactly how threatening love feels to those who live in their minds. Neil Finn 100% nailed this one.

  4. There’s something very Elliott Smith in this. Or was there something very Split Enz in Elliot Smith?

  5. mratfauver says:

    @PumpkinPuffer I agree with that!

  6. 09nemo10 says:

    Yeah in Australia (Sydney) there is pretty good radio station WS FM 101.7 and they played it. I’ve discovered heaps of awesome 70s and 80s songs thanks to them. I was born towards the end of the 80s so missed all the songs arriving when they did….

  7. @09nemo10 The radio actually played this song? I heard this song in the early 80′s from a friends record collection and never heard it on the radio. Lucky you.

  8. 09nemo10 says:

    heard it on the radio for the first time today and love it. i have get a copy of this now!

  9. This song never gets old or worn out.

  10. muzz6369 says:

    Just reminds me of RTR on a Saturday at6pm

  11. trippytril says:

    New Zealand has so many good things

  12. My favourite late night song.
    ?Aaron Ryan Music?

  13. divorceboy says:

    Neil finn looks like such a kid!
    Damn I’m old!

  14. mike3qc says:

    So long ago……Thanx Great One

  15. MitziDeMarco says:

    I used to pplay a upbeat jazz version of “One Step Ahead” on my trumpet.

  16. ericscoles says:

    as an old ‘new-waver’, used to irritate the heck out of me when people would call power-pop ‘new wave.’ (this is incredible power-pop. but it ain’t new wave.)

  17. bds1167 says:

    MTV 1981…. Loved this new wave classic video…. 8th grade….spectacular! Groovin’ and so hip…… One of the best songs of the decade…..

  18. detriotdave says:

    the music before osa is called wail. its placed right before iris on the album

  19. They are soooo young here. I remember them from “back in the day.” I love my Kiwis.

  20. lovely music,all their songs are

  21. MadameLil says:

    He looks like George Harrison here.

    I haven’t seen this in about 25 years. Oh, for the good old days of MTV …

  22. Rockcritic97 says:

    Of course NZ have bands!!!
    Crowded House
    Split Enz
    Jenny Morris
    La de das
    The swingers

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