Split Enz – My Mistake

December 30, 2005 23 Comments
JimEAPG asked:

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23 Comments to “Split Enz – My Mistake”
  1. Rayneenights says:

    I enjoy the early Enz before they got influenced by the british new wave. The early stuff I perceive as more personal as from the new wave stuff was more mainstream back then.

  2. ghosttroop says:

    “I went out to see if i could live forgotten days. Well that was my mistake, was my mis.. , that was my mistake, was my mis… , that was my mistake …”

  3. They have a ghostly glow about them….

  4. nixychix says:

    hahah with sam!… it was brilliant!!

  5. c3022880 says:

    What a groovy song!
    I heard this on Spicks & Speck’s 70′s show tonight and now it’s stuck in my head.

  6. grievoushark says:

    From what I recall Noel is the percussionist, got dragged into drums didn’t enjoy it and went back to the percussion, including playing some awesome spoons and designing the clothes to this very day when ever they get together

  7. lodysgoat says:

    Bought the album ages ago, found it back while cleaning. So fricking good!!!!!!!

  8. vbvbvb088 says:

    I think it was Tim Finn singing in the set up.

  9. first heard this from the paordy of the footy show and now i luv it

  10. swoboda1 says:

    the panda band did an amazing cover of this on jjj

  11. tolchok89 says:

    I enjoy both Split Enz and Crowded House. But from what I’ve seen, the Enz have better videos.

    My parents have connections to these guys kind of. They used to be friends with Eddie Rayner, and my dad told me Noel Crombie’s his neighbour.

  12. ummagumman1 says:

    in nz there was no other band that was like split enz.. they were unique there and are probably nz’s most loved band and a nz icon. neil finn of course went on to form crowded house and enjoyed more success internationally

  13. jonahbegone says:

    1977… was it that Glam Rock lasted longer in the Southern Hemisphere than it did in the North, or is this an art rock kind of look. In other words, were there other bands in NZ who looked like Split Enz? Or were they unique down there?

  14. pathdaly says:

    As a resident of the times (and regular watcher of Countdown) I remember thinking that the bands who were Kiwi had more quirky/original videos than the Oz bands. I always thought it was because they had better weed across the water.

  15. He was their clothing designer, he only played spoons live and became part of the ‘joke’.

  16. leecoleman says:

    anyone know what year this was ?

  17. LokiClock says:

    Tambourine, it looks like.

  18. bittenof says:

    that may be so but i am sure he is doing his best in what might for him be a difficult situation!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Stefan1368 says:

    What intrument does that guy play that is wearing the yellow suite and black tie? Cause it dosnt look like he’s doing much.

  20. dantweedy says:

    I think the video is more bizarre than the song. Fortunately, they tamed their image to their muisc, eventually.

  21. grimdreamer says:

    One of my favourite songs by them. This and “Poor Boy”.

  22. lovely song like this group

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