Split Enz – I Hope I Never

July 31, 2005 25 Comments
JimEAPG asked:


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25 Comments to “Split Enz – I Hope I Never”
  1. ClubXrock says:

    This song moves me so much it’s…..it’s haunting!

  2. aealtizer says:

    I hadn’t actually heard Tim Finn sing before. Besides being the older brother, I can tell now he has the better voice, so he was lead originally.
    Nice quality voice.

  3. gabby4267 says:

    I remember this song from “Puberty Blues”. It is one song that has stuck in my mind through the years. I made my teenage kids watch this movie and l think others should get there kids to see it too.
    Made me think about things when l was a teenager.

  4. A beautiful song from Tim Finn and Split Enz.

  5. drfell2907 says:

    I cant find the alternate clip of this track. Has anyone seen it?

  6. fluffydolly says:

    great talent from your country……thanks for the gift.

  7. aquaopals says:

    I think it’s Tim that wrote it, and Eddie is the arranger.

  8. trippytril says:

    to know they are from my country makes me so proud and the talent is recognised by so many world wide….the emotion in their music sends me to another place and sometimes another time

  9. hot4inxs says:

    Just beautiful. Tim like his brother nNeil is an outstanding musician and singer. Who wrote this song?

  10. vbvbvb088 says:

    If you like this….listen to Don McLean’s ‘Crossroads’ and ‘Empty Chairs’….both without peer….

  11. watchitnz says:

    Typical woman ah. Thats y I lend nothing

  12. WAIATA4U says:

    JimEAPG…You are one lucky SOB…This has to be from Split Enz “History Never Repeats music video collection released in 1987!

    I had this VHS tape…Unfortunately, sometime in 95′ I lend the tape out to one of my friend’s girlfriend–she was an ENZ fan, too–when my friend and his g/f broke up…The bitch threw everything in the trash that would remind her of him…Including MY Split Enz video tape! I was pissed, “Screw my friend, gimme my Split Enz, back!” I never got it back.

  13. peithkichard says:

    i know, when i was down (left by my dream girl in 1981 offcourse), that life would never be the same. well, i lived another happy 20 other years with another girl and she left me. still, this song can bring me down…….it’s a great song whatever. take a bow, SPLIT ENZ!!

  14. thats true but being sentimental over it is the difference between learning from what has happened to you and being eaten up by it too.

  15. endorphinz says:

    Eddie Rayner was phenomenal. What an oustanding musician…

  16. endorphinz says:

    devastatingly great…

  17. I’m surprised the laser etched LPs weren’t more popular. I’ve got the True Colours laser etched LP. I’m not sure where it is though!

  18. beccita says:

    I like most of the lyrics. I relate to them and think they are clever for the most part. I had the laser-etched LP and this was one of my favorites back then.

  19. great song, but i hate the lyrics

  20. TwoDogsX2 says:

    Wow they even made it to Mexico, Ole!

  21. TwoDogsX2 says:

    Long Live “The Undertones” (Fergals old Punk group)

  22. Cool Enz ballad. I always thought Tim’s voice sounded like a cross between Phil Collins and Feargal Sharkey.

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