Sound Relief – Liam Finn & Crowded House – Better Be Home Soon

April 8, 2010 14 Comments
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14 Comments to “Sound Relief – Liam Finn & Crowded House – Better Be Home Soon”
  1. TheYMGTCtv says:

    most of those people are like under 25. great to know people that age can still know the words to good music! plus, what a song to sing :D

  2. Crowded House will NEVER be Crowded House WITHOUT PAUL HESTER.

    RIP PAUL. Some of us do miss you xx

  3. rachbrennan says:

    best day of my life
    sang my heart out in the mosh :)

  4. jet906 says:

    I was in the pit with my arm around some random both singing along.

    Amazing :)

  5. I was there. The feeling of Unity and WHoleness was superb. I won’t ever forget this, ever…

  6. erina1991 says:


    thanks for posting this

  7. ebz92 says:

    this was superb…
    Sang along in my seat with every word!

  8. echidna18 says:

    The chills I felt at the ‘G when everyone sung along was nothing I’ve ever felt before. Well done Victoria!

  9. jakebawdo says:

    amazing. happy i was there

  10. NiteShok says:

    great footage, thanks for posting :)

  11. leanda27 says:

    looks like they only palyed 3 songs on the whole set.

  12. posiepusher says:

    Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!! Wish I could have been there to see this. Thanks for posting!!

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