Sound Relief: Crowded House – Weather With You

February 5, 2010 9 Comments
gumbajen asked:


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9 Comments to “Sound Relief: Crowded House – Weather With You”
  1. shoulda heard melbourne crowd sing to that song it wass the shit. and how weird was it, when they sang that song and the blue sky and sun came outttt ? :S

  2. ramborossco says:

    Legendary, i love crowded house.

  3. It would have been great to be there.

  4. canuckchick9 says:

    I love how the sun came out just as crowded house came out!

  5. Tiawamutu says:

    Wished I’d been there :(

  6. EBuick says:

    This was one of the best performances……was about 3 m from the front and the atmosphere was electric!!

  7. abc131234 says:

    you shouldve heard the crowd!!

  8. Andawg69 says:

    This was almost as good as midnight oil last nite! Liam’s ‘second chance’ was with EJ was brilliant! durin this set

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