Sound Relief: Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over

June 5, 2010 21 Comments

Halfway through the set advertised as ‘Liam Finn and Friends’, Liam introduced to the stage his dad (Neil Finn), Nick Seymour (I think he intro-ed him as Uncle Nick) and his younger brother Elroy. They launched into ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ with Liam on drums. Recorded live at the Melbourne Sound Relief concert at the MCG, 14/03/2009. All proceeds from the Melbourne Sound Relief concert went to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009:

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21 Comments to “Sound Relief: Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over”
  1. aaronryanmusic says:

    I hope they do release a DVD. I hadn’t heard of the legal complications.

  2. Pud09 says:

    i thought just liam by himself was fantastic hadn’t really hear much of him before…then when these few came on it was just amazing i never thought i’d get to experience a live crowded house sing-a-long a dream come true

  3. NMZD68 says:

    it was great. Liam was very “different”. He was like a leyland brother on crack.

  4. dariooshka says:

    Aparently there is a DVD on the cards…gotta get around the lagal shit. There was a news report of a “No Repeat” clause in most of the bands contracts so it wont be shown again on TV….though JJJ did record the sound for the whole who knows….bloody legal crap…LOL MCG rocked Sat 14th……m/

  5. Tangoedout says:

    Love how Liam introduced them as “the family band” and his dad as N-dog!! Very funny!!
    It was a lovely little set – although Liam and EJ were brilliant and I would have loved more of him!!!

  6. baudmania says:

    Please please please please please…

  7. 03heyjude says:

    Anyone know if there is going to be a DVD released for all us tragics who live elsewhere & also don’t have pay TV?? Thank god for Triple J!

  8. rippa86 says:

    love this song,
    love Crowded House
    shated i missed this song live

  9. Saarraahhhhh says:

    Wow, This was so amazing.

    Liam went nutts! so great!

    I was close to tears when i saw neil, nick and elroy pop up on stage! then tim later on, Everyone loved it!

    Split Enz was fantastic too!

    AWeesome, thankyou for uploading!

  10. jamielea01 says:

    liam finn is a freak!! are you crazy!

  11. m2rendell says:

    For me this was the highlight of the day when neil finn came out and i heard the opening riff to this song i lost my mind, AMAZING!!!!!!!

  12. jet906 says:

    I didnt like Liam Finn by himself but this was amazing. Everyone got into it

  13. 3aw77 says:

    All i was thinking about was paul in this song .

  14. Tiawamutu says:

    Great performance!

  15. shaeisagun says:

    this song, kings in the rain and hunters playing throw your arms around me were the best


  16. Speckled10 says:

    Wonderful work uploading all 3 Crowdie videos … just amazing stuff ..

  17. 0bilix says:

    Most amazing gig I’ve ever been to. And this surprise appearance was the icing on the cake … hearing everyone at the ‘G singing every single word will stay with me my entire life…

  18. peirol says:

    why is it that no one has uploaded I see Red? the split second you see on the news looks awesome with Tim Goin nuts I WANNA SEE IT… and why is it that there was not a concert in brisbane for this? one of that major disasters this was raising money for happened in queensland but somehow we miss out why?????

  19. nickzor0704 says:

    Shit yeah…Was unreal…

  20. reyan81 says:

    This was the highlight of the day, the 3 tracks they played were awesome! Worth standing through all that rain!

  21. ausbeeny says:

    This Was the best concert ever

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