Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock

April 16, 2006 24 Comments
totaro asked:

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24 Comments to “Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock”
  1. ponedonkey says:

    @gentler Agreed.

  2. teamabbs5 says:

    i love when i am drivin on the freeway at 1 am listenin to this song

  3. @elixeroflife if i’m not mistaken, there is a picture slideshow of those on youtube talking about how alike they look. it is played with the smashing pumpkins song, “love”

  4. vulgarinsult says:

    @gentler LMFAO couldn’t have said it better myself, and lost all his street cred writing songs for Jessica Simpson !

  5. @kosczg the start of cherub is not like Qotsa feel good hit! the qotsa song copied SP – afterall it was probably a tribute – back in the 2000 Qotsa would open for Zwan!

  6. deagla2 says:

    Illuminati=ET kin aka gods, Ea, Sirians, Satan, Pepsi, angels/demons, dragons, hulu, vampires, bluebloods, Al Gore, Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellars etc who rule cults like Freemasonry. Their agenda: continually cull/victimize people via vaccines/other poisons like gum, Codex Alimentarius, carbon taxes, internet 2, WW3 then stage an alien invasion to get a fascist world government/religion with us chipped. Support DrDeagle, Stewart Swerdlow, gardeners and free-energy techs!

  7. elixeroflife says:

    Anyone ever notice that Billy Corgan and Kirstin Dunst have the exact same face? or is it just me?

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  9. ThisWegene says:

    @gentler well, thats only partly true, sure his music was not the same, but its still better than this new-age crap like lady gaga and that Justin bib-WTF his name is…

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  11. Andymalcolm1 says:

    Wow…i love you Billy Corgan…you rock so hard!!!!

  12. AlfieD15 says:

    why dooes everyoone hate new music, theres good stuff out there its just hidden by the shit that you hear on the radio and stuff

  13. Licrobennet says:

    reminds me of being a kid and playing down my street and of summer haha

  14. guybrown12 says:

    this is possibly one of the greatest songs of all time. I’ve listened to a lot of bands but none of them make me feel like smashing pumpkins do. totally unique, totally amazing!

  15. Silverfucked says:

    This was the first song i ever learned on guitar… and i still rock out with it!!!!

    SP FOEVAH!!!!

  16. Gamagachee says:

    @DaniLee0883 nice, i love those rappers. I agree about the synthesize thing. It makes music feel so cheesy

  17. kyosflame2 says:


  18. watcher18893 says:

    fuck everything

  19. kingawhatido says:

    yo yune, fuck what they think

  20. @redsox2407 I don’t think that’s a good argument, if you think back on classical songs.

  21. Not huge on the grunge/alternative scene..But Smashing Pumpkins stood out above the rest

  22. DaniLee0883 says:

    @Gamagachee i totally agree. i wood like to point out some old rappers or groups from “my era’ and im 26. we listened to warren g and nate dogg and bone thugs n harmony. i love my rock but if ppl wanna hear good rap they need to listen from stuff from the 90′s! the stuff nowadays is so synthesized its ridiculous!! they didn’t mess around ‘back then’!

  23. @Yune2ofdoom hell yeah, i love the same kind of music that my grandma likes, and she is 72 years old,

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