ShaRk ATTack SPlitEnz COVer

December 27, 2005 22 Comments
kennymelodica asked:

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22 Comments to “ShaRk ATTack SPlitEnz COVer”
  1. @mctrmt
    for all the extra cheese

  2. mctrmt says:

    We’re going to need a bigger boat!

  3. @krabbers :P sorry we didn’t hear what you typed cos you didn’t say “Krabbers says…: joke though – brilliant

  4. krabbers says:

    monkey sharks are the worst
    they hide in trees and attack from above

  5. ctrymaus says:

    Almonds are yummy! :-)

  6. Better then being under a Neil Fin(N)

  7. yes indeed your words of wisdom speak volumes

  8. It was international shark sleep-in day, so we got an early start for this one

  9. thanks for being JAWsome

  10. no but probably should be :P

  11. yum almonds we hope

  12. Always drink in the stationary position.
    As opposed to shark attacks, where being stationary would not be advised.
    Or even stationery such as pretending to be a pencil

    thanks Tony

  13. thanks cos he got to be Calfin in this one :P

  14. One more thing I like about NZ: Split Enz. I liked so many of their songs. Maybe you’d do a lounge cut of one of them (one step ahead, i’ve got you, six months in a leaky boat). I’d love anything.

  15. Poor Calvin is looking very worried underneath that shark fin! You guys are awesome!

  16. ood2112 says:

    Hey, I’ve spilled milk before, I guess I wasn’t very responsible. But no sense crying over it.

  17. uke5417 says:

    Given the red melodica, I was waiting for the shark attack, but everyone gets a holiday, I suppose. Excellent.

  18. hankplow says:

    That was indeed scary. Don’t think I’ll go swimming in the ocean today. Thanks for waking me up this morning with this shark infested performance!

  19. KYOTOZOOM says:

    Are you drunk ? Nice groove !!

  20. ctrymaus says:

    Ahahahaha! You guys are nuts and still so talented! :-D

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