School of Rock Song

June 30, 2006 24 Comments
TiagoAguiar90 asked:

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24 Comments to “School of Rock Song”
  1. i love the way zach is getting into it! :P

  2. poop4256 says:

    @GuitarzMyThing plus jack black plays guitar

  3. poop4256 says:

    @GuitarzMyThing he probably is its not that hard

  4. I wonder if thats acually Jack Black playing the solo… I think it is… He is Tenacious D after all Can anyone tell?

  5. HabboTeck says:

    Fuck off you fat black twat you ruin the song, this is METAL! not nigga shit!

  6. McGurnaghan says:

    that was powerfull!

  7. 3nan3 says:

    MAN NiCe Song!! :D

  8. This whole video reminds me of AC/DC, The outfits, the intro to the song (For those about to rock), The first solo kinda sound like them to :D

  9. intro is like wont get folled again – the who ..

  10. yer bitches rock on

  11. Lawldudz says:

    @brady7410 no, they were actually tallented child musicians that were specially sellected for the film.

  12. mrhaydon says:

    @phesojllewe agreed

  13. mrhaydon says:

    @brady7410 they did a fucking mint job of it then!

  14. jaidon13 says:

    @brady7410 they didn’t have to learn, they already played those instruments dumbass

  15. @brady7410 the kids already new how to play. if you watch the bonus features on the dvd it shows the kids teaching jack black how to play. the drummer had been drumming for a few years and said that it was his dream to play on stage infront of people so it was like a dream come true

  16. p0rtGaSace says:

    awesome …..yeah i love this song ..and this movie ….amazing

  17. phesojllewe says:

    we can all agree angus young is the real hero here

  18. i just learned this song on the guitar because its so awesome + the solo’s jack black’s solo is the best !

  19. karaangela33 says:

    it’s really them playing. they realy know how to play. and they said that they did not even took acting lessons or anything. (it’s on the bonus features in the SCHOOL OF ROCK DVD) THEY ARE BEYON AWSOME!!

  20. linovenuti says:

    mi รจ piaciuto anche il film!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. can I say this? Zack is cute!!!! lol and this song kicks ass!!

  22. crushnkill47 says:

    my name is moooooooooneyHAM lol

  23. sxetikos619 says:

    this song is not awesome…………it is fuckin awesome

  24. cazmaestro says:

    @Wobbey363 no shit sherlock

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