Sam Roberts – Detroit ’67 – Official Music Video

January 19, 2006 24 Comments
dodworld asked:

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24 Comments to “Sam Roberts – Detroit ’67 – Official Music Video”
  1. Bob – you know we Detroiters love our brothers and sisters in Windsor! :o )

  2. Randomly got linked here, this is amazing!

  3. Josh18R says:

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  4. Josh18R says:

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  5. This video (and song) is an excellent representation of the polarity that is Detroit. In this town it seems like every good news story has a down side and every cloud that hangs over this city has a silver lining…..I don’t think it will ever end, which is probably what makes Detroit that much more interesting.

  6. marcnischan says:

    Hats off to you Sam, nailed it. Thanx,


  7. Detroit1967 says:

    Detroit1967 gives this a ***** rating.

    “Don’t forget the Motor City… viva Detroit.”

    Good song, too.

  8. chickenmom says:

    Nice song, but they need to finish burning Detroit down and start over

  9. mirlin235 says:

    @CoboHall14 LOL I’ll try to remeber that! Make you guys all freaking happy, maybe a christmas gift for 2011! and Merry Christmas!

  10. CoboHall14 says:

    I was in British Columbia once….very beautiful……so yes, you MUST visit Detroit…..let us know when you’re coming and we’ll put out the red carpet :)

  11. mirlin235 says:

    @CoboHall14 I would LOVE to go too Detroit, big problem is that I live in Victoria,which is on the West Coast which means ROAD TRIP!

  12. Its not just our city it every major city in the US.

  13. betterway10 says:

    Impressive. You guys should go to talentwatch net. More music fans need to check you out!

  14. lexlaunch says:

    a guy and 4 friends, on stage, just ROCKIN!!!! no stage show….just plain rockin’….the Filmore was an awesome venue to see him for the 1st time. can’t wait for the 2nd!!!!

  15. ejgavinart says:

    I think he needs a key to the city. I saw him at the Fillmore… Awsome!

  16. ’67 wasn’t the beginning there were riots in the 1940s.

  17. GoodDoctor83 says:

    The story needs to be told.
    Thank you Sam….

  18. grungs432 says:

    Saw him last night at the Fillmore in Detroit. It was an amazing performance. I’ve never seen a performer become so in tune with their audience with such enthusiasm. Hope to see him there again soon.

  19. KeepRockin55 says:

    There’s still a noticeable tension between the blacks and white in Detroit. The ’67 riots were only the beginning of racial tension in Detroit. That being said, Detroit is a very unique city!

  20. Joebob034 says:

    man it’s depressing to see what our city’s become

  21. mymar86 says:

    sounds a bit like dylan.

  22. ezze902 says:

    Long time fan, great video.. but not a big fan of the song itself. It might grow on me , but first impression, not liking it.

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