R&P Poll: “Rootless Tree” [Damien Rice] vs “Fake Plastic Trees” [Radiohead] vs “Tall Trees” [Crowded House]?

February 28, 2009 14 Comments
crowded house
Sab?’sJared Leto(on a break) asked:

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14 Comments to “R&P Poll: “Rootless Tree” [Damien Rice] vs “Fake Plastic Trees” [Radiohead] vs “Tall Trees” [Crowded House]?”
  1. 82588 says:

    Songs about trees, eh? I will have to go with good ol’ Radiohead. That’s been one of my favorites for years

  2. Maverick M says:

    the radiohead song

    BQ: The trees by Rush

  3. “Fake Plastic Trees”

    It’s a classic.


  4. Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead.

    Trees are awesome! =D

    BQ: Lime Tree by Bright Eyes

  5. ILuvTomK says:

    Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead.

  6. RedDevil says:

    I’ll have to go with Fake Plastic Trees since it’s one of my favourite Radiohead songs!

    BQ: Hangin’ Tree – Queens Of The Stone Age

  7. SABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you put a Radiohead song against a Crowded House Song…

    oh the pain … oh the torment

    ( whispers… between you and me… Give the BA to anyone who picks Tall Trees… ) LOL

    anyways, faced with a choice like this.. I have no choice but to pick..

    Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead

    simply one of the most beautiful songs by my favorite band of all time!

  8. Dark New Day says:

    Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead.

    BQ: Life of Agony- Angry Tree

  9. Frank=Love says:

    uhhh i love trees its a barney song

  10. “Rootless Tree” by Damien Rice would be my pick, I love that song to bits.

    BQ – “With Trees” by Korpiklaani.

    Thank you Sabrina, hope you’re having a splendid one as well. :)

  11. DngrsAngl says:

    “Fake Plastic Trees.” I love that song.

    BA: I like “The Shade of Poison Trees” by Dashboard Confessional

  12. Fake Plastic Trees

    BA: Apart from that one… :) Fruit Tree by Nick Drake

  13. Tall Trees

    bq-Rockin around the Christmas Tree

    Have a onederful evening, also!!!


  14. Fake Plastic Trees all the way!!!!!!

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