Rocky Votolato – “White Daisy Passing”

November 27, 2006 22 Comments
BlankTV asked:

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22 Comments to “Rocky Votolato – “White Daisy Passing””
  1. KamiKyojin says:

    First heard this in the end credits of the movie Cthulhu and my mind went blank from sheer comfort.

    Taught myself the guitarr just so I could perform it and actually met my girlfriend after playing in the park ^^

  2. COSEILE says:

    love this song, listening to it a lot on my ipod

  3. imbutler says:

    @thrashley56 part of it is in seattle

  4. hatzi8 says:

    I hear it every morning, i feel like it makes my day!

  5. thrashley56 says:

    does anyone know where this video takes place?

  6. FRIIK45 says:

    i heard this KSPC 88.7 Claremont & fell in love with it right away!

  7. Great video! Rocky’s even more amazing live, and April is *such* a cool person!!

  8. anyone know where I can download this?
    thanks x

  9. Arllet1 says:

    Amo essa música, é a cosia mais linda, Rocky Votalo tem um talento incomparável, Amooo de Mais…

  10. potato123123 says:

    beautifully written.

  11. Missemo20 says:

    fell in love with this song, the first time i heared it…. his voice should be heared by everyone… it’s just AMAZING!

  12. Kryptonite9 says:

    anyone else feel like road-tripping?

  13. CamronBitzer says:

    Stolat04 shut your mouth.

  14. sari18 says:

    wow this song is amazing, i love it, i heard it one time and i fell in love with it, it took me forever to find it cause i din’t know the name of it but yay i found it!! :)

  15. I cant hear this song without thinking of my exboyfriend. Although things ended rocky [ha..ha.. pun.] , i wouldnt change it for the world. I love this song ….

  16. OxAeroBabixO says:

    Jeeez I love this song so much

  17. 1lemieux23 says:

    if you dig this song check out “uppers arent necessary” by this guy. one of the most amazing songs ive ever heard. so simple yet beautiful.

  18. MidgetofLove says:

    I’ve been trying to find this song for months! I’ve been obsessed with this song since I saw it at the end of Cthulhu.

  19. brenck says:

    Is his music Christian music?

  20. blank means white in dutch
    so its whiteTV

  21. kickliquid says:

    I use to live in Seattle and use to drive around the grey and majestic Pacific Northwest all time. This song makes me really sad and nostalgic at the same time.

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