Rock music?

September 29, 2006 9 Comments
rock music
Teenager asked:

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9 Comments to “Rock music?”
  1. MEDS says:

    It doesn’t suck

  2. well, a big difference, is the electric guitar, bass, and drums combo. and part f it s kinda the singing

  3. Rocco G says:

    Yes pop bands do have guitarists. They are just drowned out by excessive keyboards.

  4. That’s a pretty simplistic view. You’re probably young and maybe not taken music electives in college. Neither did I, but I listen to different varieties of music to know it’s more than just instruments.

    SOMETIMES, it’s hard to tell the difference between Hip Hop and electronica. You know the Xecutioners who did a song with Linkin Park? They’re not hip-hop but electronica, with a huge hip hop influence that’s noticeable but they’re still techno just like Moby.

  5. Daylight22 says:

    Well, there’s different types of rock. You can’t just group it all in one. So, i’ll explain.
    Screamo- there’s people screaming easy to tell apart
    Metal- Usually heavy. Has a rough sound.
    Pop Rock – Has alot of danceable tunes.
    Electro Rock- has synths, uses alot of it too

    to sum it up: the difference depends on the beat.
    Like emo music, you can’t dance to. pop rock, you can. That’s an easy way to find the difference.

  6. Ryan says:

    Using an instrument isnt the deciding factor upon deciding which genre a band goes into. Lamb Of God and The Beatles both have guitars, basses and drum kits but are very different sounding. Alot of people will try to tell you what rock and pop is, Im just simply going to tell you WHERE it all came from. Rock originated from knee-grow blues (Yahoo wont let me actually spell it) from the 1920s. Weather your listening to Led Zeppelin or Metallica or My Chemical Romance, all your favorite bands are essentially “black people music”

  7. Inge says:

    lol that right, “guitars and stuff”. the difference is, rap uses a lot more bass and drumming, barely any non bass guitar. pop just synthes everything and uses lame chords. rock is a lot more bluesy.

  8. True rock music uses blues as a musical blueprint and point of origin. While those other genres may include guitar, you can not make rock music without a guitar.

  9. Maddy says:

    hmmm thats a good question. Honestly i dont know, i can tell what a rock song is when i hear it but im not sure how i know it is one. But rock songs do use differnt chords and scales as Jazz and Clasical so it gives it a differnt feel.

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