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rock music
Amanda asked:

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3 Comments to “Rock MUSIC?”
  1. Bizarre says:

    Go surreal, like Mikey Stipe!

  2. matt says:

    play what sounds good to you. even if your the only one that thinks so. play what you enjoy.

    alternative music shouldnt have a structure

    music shouldnt have a structure

  3. Intro
    Verse 1
    Verse 2
    Pre Chorus
    Verse 3
    Verse 4
    repeat chorus

    Pick out your key to play in, learn the 1/4/5 chords of that key for the verses and then switch it up for the bridge and chorus by learning what the minor chords for the key are.

    Congrats! You just learned more from reading this than lot of modern pop bands will ever know.

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