PS22 Chorus PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART at Crowded House

February 28, 2009 11 Comments
agreggofsociety asked:


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11 Comments to “PS22 Chorus PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART at Crowded House”
  1. A M A Z I N G | G N I Z A M A

  2. wowzers so much talent in that group :)

  3. ccakehobo says:

    i really likewat u did with the song

  4. binkey618 says:

    i love every video amazing work Mr. B keep
    it up

  5. buddafly10 says:

    me too! they are so awesome and bring tears to my eyes!

  6. wow you kids brought tears to my eyes when I listened to your music! thank you for your music!

  7. WOW amazing kids. Check 0:19. A girl in the choir. When she sings “I love you”. From her heart.
    Today I watched ABC news & watched PS22 all day.

  8. disney1692 says:

    you guys are amazing! i saw your story on tv n u guys are incredible.i really admire ur dedication n passion.i love 2 sing but have a fear of doin it in front of people.but u guys have given me confidence to go out for my school choir.thank u n i hope u guys go further.u guys have talent!

  9. zebraleg6 says:

    i didn’t really like the original cuz i heard it too much and just wasnt impressed
    but these kids… they’re soooooooo amazing
    i LOVE this version
    there’s love in my heart for all of you guys :]

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