PS22 Chorus “DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER” Crowded House

May 1, 2010 25 Comments Here are the kids singing their graduation song of 2008, a tribute to the amazing night we had with Crowded House just a few weeks ago. (Footage is available on my channel if you missed it.) Afterwards the kids recorded thank you’s to the band for the time of their lives. Thanks to Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, Mark Hart & Matt Sherrod for everything.

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25 Comments to “PS22 Chorus “DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER” Crowded House”
  1. johnnycash1 says:

    This is truly amazing. This is teaching these kids confidence, art, and cooperation. Bravo to the public school system. Tax dollars VERY well spent!

  2. singersatheart says:

    Hauntingly beautiful. I’ve had this song in my head for days and I had to come see if PS22 had recorded it, sure enough. Love the harmonies. Love the emotion. Simply <3 PS22 Chorus!

  3. kiwikiss09 says:

    This is one of my favorite songs, and this gave me chills. Hearing these beautiful voices.

  4. VaidaMoore says:

    this is my favorite song and these kids sang it beautifully! so amazing.

  5. cobargo1 says:

    This Teacher is my hero…these kids are our saviours…this is heaven xxx

  6. erniefraner says:


  7. zozishine says:

    I totally agree!

  8. RontschDaPontsch says:

    I looove this song so muuuuch! And they are doing such a marvelous job!!! <3

  9. jeannie72882 says:

    wow ..

  10. Rekinava says:

    Random how PS22 chorus sing songs by lots of my favourite artists.

  11. agamemnon1 says:

    I give this a thumbs up vote and as I see the ratings show that TWO folks voted thumbs down…
    This is a free world and people are allowed to vote as they wish – but I can’t imagine WHY anyone would have justifiable cause to dislike this.

  12. Sorceresshathor says:


  13. senseigilsongomes says:

    Parabéns! Que trabalho maravilhoso.

  14. rennydapooh78 says:

    Hearing them sing this song brought tears to my eyes. I love this song…but hearing it come from the heart was beautiful!

  15. dadisnutz says:

    Something about the worlds’ only true innocents singing this song with such passion is absolutley heartbreaking.

  16. fatfrankblack says:


  17. thebigsmoke says:

    Absolutely remarkable. This is beauty personified. Bravo.

  18. lford1130 says:

    @primavera272 Me too! Glad it isn’t just me!

  19. primavera272 says:

    I’m nearly crying right now. You’re doing such an amazing job encouriging these kids in singing and feeling the music! It’s so wonderful to listen to!!!

  20. doradestroy says:

    More teachers like this… could save the world. Wish we could have this in every public school in America.

  21. julie1300 says:

    hey now; hey now….that was a wonderful version. !!!!!!!

  22. MshionM says:

    i love this song

  23. nik62es says:

    I agree with earlier comments about the truly amazing work this particular teacher is doing in bringing out the best of his pupils..and this in a public school…no elite, no monthly fees, just a normal guy teaching normal kids. GREAT.

  24. erinl400 says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! ;s

  25. GhostSpook2 says:

    That must be heck of a teacher. The kids are so into that performance. A big hello to all of you guys from Ecuador, keep up with the good work.

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