Pineapple head – Crowded House

January 22, 2010 25 Comments
Trevorstark asked:

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25 Comments to “Pineapple head – Crowded House”
  1. bobalu58 says:

    Very excellent versions of my favorite songs from my favorite songwriter. Better than just a cover of the fine Finn tunes. Enjoyed it!

  2. wait – is that you singing too?? that’s amazeballs!

  3. Wow – great cover! You capture the essence of the track very well.

  4. FR3NC413 says:

    That was a great cover, 6/5!

  5. Trevorstark says:

    Thanks! BTW it’s not an expensive mic, it just looks like it… :)

  6. That mic is probably worth more than my guitar lol…another great job! Now I know why the vocals sound so rich..I’m not saying you dont sound great unplugged! Condensers really add !

  7. Trevorstark says:

    Thank you so much! :)

  8. wingsonblue says:

    …love this song, and I love your interpretation of it. You’ve added something without loosing anything (if that makes sense). Just brilliant. :)

  9. pixiedude11 says:

    Nice one. How did you overcome the condenser mic positioned as it was against vocals?

  10. insiderugby1 says:

    again- nice dude…good work… bring your own thing to this-

  11. I like the slightly reinterpreted chords, very good version.

  12. mooghead says:

    Really rather very good, well done that man :-)

  13. jystrebler says:


  14. BRAVO!!! Thank you for that-it made my morning!

  15. bigmuzz says:

    lovely interpretation of one of my fave crowded house songs. just brilliant… :)

  16. IrishBog says:

    Wonderful, wonderful…. you follow it faithfully but yet make it your own at the same time….. no easy thing to do !!

  17. leandroshane says:

    wow dude, that was truly nice!

  18. lbatxerox says:

    Ananashoofd, heel erg mooi!!!

  19. ercarter2 says:

    Nice! I’m passing the link to a friend!

  20. qz28wh says:

    You have a really wonderful voice, an a really nice playing style! well done mate..

  21. show your face too!

  22. jaderadexx says:

    More up beat is what I meant.

  23. jaderadexx says:

    It’s really good… but I don’t like how you hold the last note. It needs to be faster. But other than that it’s brilliant!

  24. gmansi says:

    I wish I can play like you, but I cant, I have only one great and slow finger on each hand….

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