Paul Hester & Crowded House on MTV’s Most Wanted

May 14, 2009 23 Comments
balloonfunkymonkey asked:


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23 Comments to “Paul Hester & Crowded House on MTV’s Most Wanted”
  1. Is there more? I must see Neil :(

  2. leanda27 says:

    things aint cookin in my kitchen strange afflicitions come over me. perhaps it was Nf in pauls case

  3. SpencerIves says:

    Apparently the reason Hessie is such a dick here is because in Crowded House’s later years Neil became a lot more controlling and was generally a prick to Nick and Paul, and threatened to break up the band if they didn’t surrender full creative control to Neil.

  4. AngryShutIn says:

    Oh poor Hessie. He looks and sounds so miserable. I hope that he is at peace where ever he is now.

  5. no wonder paul looks so upset at being degrading for these intelligent talented men to go on a show where a possible question asked is “do u laugh at farts?”

  6. SpencerIves says:

    Holy crap.

    They all look so fucking miserable except for Neil. I’d be pretty miffed too if i had to go on a show as bad as this.

  7. jaymzhol says:

    well no its not america, but they loved crowded houses in the 90′s. they were on the tonight show heaps aswell as the john stewart show and more!!

  8. MitziDeMarco says:

    I know this isn’t America’s MTV because they didn’t like CH in the 90′s. MTV sucks.

  9. KrytenMark says:

    That got me down..

  10. I really disliked Ray Cokes. I could never get his name right (Roy Cakes, Ron Coke etc) But then T4 happened and I see him with a less prejudiced eye. Hard to say if Hessie is just playing with this, but he certainly seems down. I don’t think the fame game killed him, I think his internal issues did.

  11. and his subsequent untimely death…
    it’s all mtv’s fault.

  12. dicky466 says:

    Perhaps appearing on this sort of amateurish rubbish is what lead Paul to leave the band shortly after.

  13. MeAndCass says:

    Paul through this whole thing is ompletely vacant. It actually depresses me, jsut seems like he doesn’t give a shit about anything, but not in a good way.

  14. hammond6668 says:

    Best show of the 90′s, mtv today is just full of hip hop crap

  15. harryxr says:

    Ray was the best….

  16. tinacinnamon says:

    Oh please can you upload the video of Nails in my Feet – I’ve been searching for ages for this clip. When they performed that on MTV, I became a fan

  17. Good old times, when MTV was a great channel. Ray Cokes – best host ever!

  18. seanrndhd says:

    Thanks v much for the upload, is there a part 2 to this? I got a video somewhere of them performing Nails in my Feet around this time

  19. ebz92 says:

    fantastic stuff!!

  20. paulio suceeds in being utterly empty one minute and absolutely hilarious the next

  21. evanovich247 says:

    paul: “i dont stamped the clitoris anymore” … bwaa haa!

  22. evanovich247 says:

    paul: “i dont stampede the clitoris anymore” ….. bwaa haa!

  23. MuzzikLvr says:

    I love when Paul quotes John Lennon. Thanks for uploading this.

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