Paintings By R. Lais ~ Music is Hey Now by Crowded House

February 5, 2010 23 Comments
Ricine asked:


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23 Comments to “Paintings By R. Lais ~ Music is Hey Now by Crowded House”
  1. elena24gr says:

    amazing!!!!!!!!! i would love to have any painting of these….they are really good….

  2. Ricine says:

    Thanks Pirate. I must admit the naivety (sp?) comes from people wanting what you see here. It’s what sold when I sold my art. The art I do for myself is much different.

  3. Very imagenaty obscure art, somewhat naive but edifying and with a relaxed humore. Keep up painting and follow you’re own direction.

  4. Ricine says:

    Wow!! I have always wanted a GD since I met one in the 80s. He was HUGE!!

    He was brindle.

  5. qshkana says:

    :) I am really happy to make you happy :)
    She’s a great dane :)

  6. Ricine says:

    Thank you aress5!

  7. Ricine says:

    Thank you qshkana. Your comments brightened my day. I like this song too!

    What kind of a dog do you have?

  8. qshkana says:

    I have a big dog too and the paintings kind’a make me cry.. Really made me happy! Keep it up! You are amazing!.and the song is one of my favs :)

  9. aress5 says:

    Fantastic music… Great :)
    pozdrawiam ;-)

  10. Ricine says:

    Thank you so much CM

  11. Ricine says:

    I will have to look at your art.

  12. Ricine says:

    Acrylic paint and wood or canvas

  13. Ricine says:

    Thank you! That’s me when i get old and have my big dog with me.

  14. Ricine says:

    Thank you so much. I do sell them occasionally.

  15. Annette1919 says:

    great drawings! I want one !

  16. ta338012 says:

    Nicely done . . . love the one at 1:26

  17. raeart says:

    love the characters! great works!

  18. elia82Heravi says:

    What do you use to do your paintings usually?

  19. elia82Heravi says:

    Very nice paintings! I love doing them too :-)

  20. DJMGREEN1984 says:

    very smooth, loved it, thanks.

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