Over crowded Britain. Our government promising to build 2.2 million new houses.What do you think?

April 5, 2010 14 Comments
crowded house
curious Bill asked:

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14 Comments to “Over crowded Britain. Our government promising to build 2.2 million new houses.What do you think?”
  1. nicky2007 says:

    you know what no one knows the answer not even the government, don’t know where this over crowding situation will go, its the children i worry about.

  2. manu says:

    Oh, don`t start me off.
    Bye bye green belt. It`s 3 million by 2020 by the way.

  3. There are other ways to tackle the problem (but let’s not go there!) but as we are so overcrowded, GET BUILDING ASAP!

  4. golden says:

    hope they are building them on stilts we’re sinking fast as for promises it’s the word of a desperate man or liar

  5. alberto g says:

    In 20 years or so, England and France will be speaking Arab. Muslim will be your religion and the white race will be minority and living in the ghettos and immigrating to other countries. So start fighting for your country before is too late. Good luck and wake up.

  6. The obvious solution is to stop any individual from owning more than three properties. One home, one work pad, one holiday home. Hardly restrictive is it? If this was put into place, the housing market would right itself overnight and the the need for new homes would be drastically reduced.

  7. WENDY AC says:

    I think Britain is overcrowded because we have too many foreigners here.

  8. Razor Jim says:

    Why would the government build the houses?

  9. Calum A says:

    please try and remember the promises to build house was made by politicians. now that is spelled LIAR so dont hold your breath.
    you are over crowed, mostly because you dont get out and vote or fight for what you want. stop the refugees and the asylun seekers. slow immigration. most of all stand up for your selves. make your voice heard. vote in a new goverment and STOP BEING BULLIED by the small few that you let rape england/UK

    i live here too in scotland and when we have our independance we will stop this from happening to us. i have no quarrel wth the english i like you lot well enough. im just sorry you lay down so much to be walked on by your own leaders. try fireing a few and youll see they will start listening to you..

    good luck

  10. politicsguy says:

    As you are – I presume – a citizen of the UK, can I ask what (apart from this question/series of questions on YA) you are doing about your concerns.

    And that’s the real problem. Politics is everyone’s business and involves more than voting once every four years.

  11. jojo says:

    send all none brits back to there own place’s and we wont need more homes

  12. JUSTME says:

    Unless you guys do something about it, and soon, you will become like the US of A. We are quickly becoming the cesspool that all the criminal illegal aliens left their cesspools of home countries for. I do feel sorry you you.

  13. lokidrew says:

    they have to do this to stimulate trade and industry as most of the industry that we used to have in this country is now long gone abroad due to governmental indifference to the plight of the British people.

    and what do they offer instead? the service industry! woohoo how wonderful to be a servant instead of a skilled tradesman I don’t think!

    If as we are so often told, we have a population in decline, why do we need 2.2 million new homes?

    and you know that if these homes are built the exact same thing will happen whereby rich people will buy them up to let or to sell for profit, & the whole thing will start all over again

  14. Don’t complain if it’s going to mean more work for you.

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