Official Bed Rock (Music Video) spoof

January 29, 2006 3 Comments
Jcervantes702 asked:


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3 Comments to “Official Bed Rock (Music Video) spoof”
  1. cookie2843 says:

    badass funny an awsome damn nd yuh guys got better at shuffling we need a competion against each other foos!

  2. SquishJC says:

    ,lolzz you think you oo cool huh Leo jaja i love you primo

  3. tvrmufasa says:

    AHHHHH!!! =D
    Dope Video!
    Moy Killed it as Nikki lol!! Kms.
    Jason even more amazing at jerkinnnng.
    and Leo murrdered tha fooootwork when tha camera wuz actually still, on tha ground haha.
    Nice Mainnn.
    keeep it up ualll.
    ur videos r way more entertaining than shifters or villains by farrrrr!

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