Nukeateen Grunge Band – Face Up Official Video (Grunge Revival)

November 27, 2006 23 Comments
jonnyroyster asked:

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23 Comments to “Nukeateen Grunge Band – Face Up Official Video (Grunge Revival)”
  1. wow i think that was awesome 5****** xxxx

  2. siewert69 says:

    JOhn!!!! Awesome song !!!! Grunge forever…

  3. ctceiline886 says:

    @jonnyroyster hewheh tnx u so much and ur welcome*hi five*

  4. 20043381 says:

    awesome! Nukeateen rulezzz!

  5. jonnyroyster says:

    @gunn2040 Thanks Brian, love the comments, Grunge Forever! Jon

  6. jonnyroyster says:

    @003JackE No problem JackE, thanks for the comment! hope you have a great week! Jon

  7. gunn2040 says:

    un freakin believable this is awesome good job dude

  8. 003JackE says:

    thumb up! thnks for the send :)

  9. jonnyroyster says:

    @azrial4421 Wow, Thanks Azrial, there is a bit too much shit today, but hopefully Grunge can break back through! Grunge Forever, Jon

  10. jonnyroyster says:

    @ihithardfrom95 Thanks, we are doing all we can, Grunge is our life!! Jon

  11. jonnyroyster says:

    @189Maria No Problem Maria, the pleasure was all ours, Grunge Forever! Jon

  12. jonnyroyster says:

    @1923GreenDay Thanks Tibi, I like the comparison, we hear so many different opinions, but When I Come Around is a great track so nice to be compared too!! Have a great week, Jon

  13. jonnyroyster says:

    @0371998 Thanks KIssInWave! Jon

  14. jonnyroyster says:

    @BACKDRAFT2009 Thanks James, we will!! Jon

  15. jonnyroyster says:

    @Viivi13 Thanks Vivian, we appreciate the love! Jon

  16. jonnyroyster says:

    @22kurko Thanks Kurko, Jon

  17. jonnyroyster says:

    @Gianlu934ever Thanks Gianlu! Jon

  18. jonnyroyster says:

    @ctceiline886 Thanks Tobi-chan-kun, you have a cool name by the way! Jon

  19. jonnyroyster says:

    @HeartMind999 Thanks HM, appreciate that!! Jon

  20. jonnyroyster says:

    @B00M3z Thanks ViNC3nT!

  21. jonnyroyster says:

    @77SystemOfaDown Thanks for your comments! Appreciate them, hope you have a great day too, Jon

  22. jonnyroyster says:

    @1edkihm Thanks Ed! Have a great week. Jon

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