“Night of the Crickets” music video by mr. Gnome

September 24, 2006 23 Comments
mrGnomeVideos asked:

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23 Comments to ““Night of the Crickets” music video by mr. Gnome”
  1. wormseeker says:

    Unsettling‚ disturbing‚ and remarkably beautiful. somewhat reminds me of the wicker man (not the nick cage remake). glad zest in the houston chronicle highlighted them.

  2. paulyrud says:

    Just saw Mr. Gnome in Salt Lake City. Holy hell you guys are good. Thanks.

  3. peterpath says:

    saw these duo live last Saturday at The Cavern. Loved it, powerful stuff!

  4. killphilvol1 says:

    Just saw them last night at the Hi-Dive they amazing live. I highly recommend going to see these guys play.

  5. peterpath says:

    Time out. Checking these guys out @ The Cavern. Con su chelita, claro.

  6. mellowgold87 says:

    i love I love I Love I LOve I LOVe I LOVE this song and this band SO much!!!!!

  7. fishmanmd says:

    So glad I found out about these guys. Thank christ for radio stations like KSCU who play stuff like this as opposed to a looping rotation of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, Green Day and songs that were played out when they were released 15 years ago.

  8. elicialovess says:

    . . . . . . Now that I really WATCH the video, it’s kind of. Depressing and uplifting at the same time. Really beautiful and strange.

  9. This is such an awesome song! Love these guys. Anyone who likes this should also check An Horse – “camp out”.

    I was putting this page together as a tribute to my girlfriend and found this song serendipitously.

    Much to my joyous surprise.

  10. Ombrenuit says:

    who directed this?

  11. rollantumble says:

    i am in deepest of like with everything that happens here when i click play.

  12. Absolutely amazing. Haunting and beautiful. Nicole Barille and Sam Meister play tug of war throughout the whole song with their feminine and masculine dynamics. A beautiful experience.

  13. Death8Kaizer says:

    Quiero ese disco!
    Pero comprarla en internet no está a mi alcanse.

  14. Muuuuuuuuy buena la canción!!!
    ¡Los amé! jajajajaja

  15. timrawr says:

    Once again you shined and rocked in Toledo, wish I could come out to your hometown tomorrow, some other time!

  16. mcfoodstamp says:

    Just saw you guys in Tucson, very impressed. I spoke to you fine folks a bit after the show I was the handsome guy from Akron Ohio . We spoke of haunted hotel congress. Back to the video I like the Kabuki-esque masks that some of the characters are wearing. Reminds me of Mr. Quimper from Invisibles. Lovely stuff.

  17. this video is so mesmerizing… and the music is great i can listen to this over and over and over

  18. doxparaxyst says:

    Awesome music video and song. I was lucky to stumble upon this randomly!

  19. I heard this song on a local college radio station, and I fell in love with it. Please upload more of your work.

  20. you guys are great and we had fun playing with you.

  21. thebadhand says:

    this video looks sooooo good guys. GOSH I LOVE YOUR BAND SO FREAKING MUCH!!!! Nichole, you’re a genius. SAM – genius.


  22. Dazeofmyth says:

    great! My friends from Cleveland!

  23. qwertyboy9 says:

    One of the greatest new bands has a matching video now… The combination is flawless… Bow

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