NEIL FINN of Crowded House interviewed by PS22 Chorus 2008 PART 1

June 19, 2010 4 Comments While on their recent tour in the USA, Crowded House invited the PS22 Chorus to open for and accompany them at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza in New York City on April 30, 2008. Neil Finn took the time to sit down with the chorus. Here’s a totally unique interview with Neil, as the children of the PS22 Chorus ask the questions! The interview is accompanied by an incredible photo collage from our amazing day together. Neil discusses everything from the creation of “Private Universe”, to his amazing response to the PS22 Chorus when he first discovered them on the internet, and even gives the kids AND their duly humbled teacher a geography lesson in the process. Funny hearing Neil take a shot at Australia! :) He’s a really sharp, witty, and funny dude. Great fun and a loving tribute to Neil for everything he and Crowded House have done for the chorus. This is a rare and unique treat. Enjoy! Highlights include the Australian continent bit, and my favorite was when he said how he (jokingly) agreed that there’s no way Hunters & Collectors could possibly do a better version of Throw Your Arms Around Me. Great stuff, great guy! mp3s available at

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4 Comments to “NEIL FINN of Crowded House interviewed by PS22 Chorus 2008 PART 1”
  1. leanda27 says:

    he really is so jealous of TYAAM. nick ‘s brother mark penned this beautiful song,yet i think NF has sang it more times than mark seymour evah had.

  2. laurae2667 says:

    i have to say, the guys from crowded house were a bunch of great guys! they were wonderful with all the kids!! and the kids still talk about it, i know, half of the chorus has been in my pool this summer. hope your having a great summer Mr B.
    from amber & her mom

  3. agreggofsociety says:

    yeah, teff, i learned that the hard way!! :)

  4. teff7 says:

    Haha mate, It’s a quick way to make an enemy of whole nation saying NZ is part of Australia :P !

    I can’t believe you met and played with Neil Finn!! I haven’t met him and I live here, you are so lucky to have had the pleasure mate!

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