Neil Finn Fall At Your Feet

June 22, 2010 25 Comments

Neil Finn performing the Crowded House classic Fall At Your Feet from the 1991 album Woodface.

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25 Comments to “Neil Finn Fall At Your Feet”
  1. flowermeja says:

    Who are the three blasphemers who didn’t like this video?

  2. DaronStorey says:


  3. tracygalvin says:

    Thanks so much for the upload. Exquisite. I can tell you as someone who likes to play and sing that every once in a while hands and voice come together so perfectly to where even the artists thinks ” that was pretty damn good”. I believe this was one of those times for Mr. Finn.

  4. superfinnfan says:

    the most talented musician ever! His voice is so soothing and relaxing.

  5. leicestergirl63 says:


    Neil Finn’s voice is both powerful and interesting and it doesn’t take much listening to to be able to appreciate that. He only has to open his mouth and start singing for his voice to make a massive impact. His voice is interesting, powerful and the emotion he expresses with it is just incredible. This song in particular is just so moving and emotional that I sometimes cry when I listen to it. His singing seems so incredibly effortless and is just beautiful.

  6. saharita4 says:

    I will always love this song – just as much 20+ years later -

  7. leokimvideo says:

    very nice

  8. 0beanie0girl0 says:

    @eng1871 right with you there mate, right with you.

  9. chyrd says:

    @SpencerIves as a vocalist I love Neil’s voice… very measured… very soothing… and an amazing understanding of vibrato!!!

  10. WonderfulandWierd says:

    you may be an american redneck but you appear to have some insight!
    Now gown and git the dawg offa the porch

  11. WonderfulandWierd says:

    maybe cos half of nz now lives in australia??? did you think of that ??
    and those who are left are trying to get here

  12. ryanadamz says:

    brilliant…awesome song, awesome band, simple as….

  13. snackleforkofemir says:

    Someone once told me there’s no such thing as a perfect song – i think they’re wrong, and this is it.

  14. confessionsofagasman says:

    classic tune and performance from the tank top clad legend that is neil finn

  15. anythingfinn says:

    That’s crazy, beautiful

  16. eng1871 says:

    I want to smash my guitar and forget that I ever tried to write a song….perfection

  17. willwak says:

    I drove from London to Glasgow one night listening to the album from which this song comes.
    I arrived early in the morning, filled up my tank, turned around and came straight back. I was on a ”journey” at the time. It was great to live at a time when an ordinary guy could affort to buy a car and enough juice to take days off work and just drive his blues away. Yeah, it was fucking great to be free for those weeks. I’m over her now……hahahaha

  18. erinial says:


  19. asvmulch says:

    I am an American redneck from the south. I don’t really have a dog in this fight. I think Crowded House, and especially this dude, are better than the Beatles. And Neil Finn is more talented than McCartney. The Beatles simply came first and put out such well crafted, well written, and well performed music that this kind of music is not as revolutionary, but it is superior in my mind. It has certainly been more of a blessing in my life.

  20. videofxnoosa says:

    this gets better every time i hear it

  21. pixelpefekt says:

    Love this song so much.

  22. MelekBetul says:

    @CaptainAmerica2006. i apologize for my ignorance :-)

  23. euterpeasecas says:


  24. theute01 says:

    It is about “connecting” with your fellow human being.
    Some try to buy it, some pray for it and others try very hard and never succeed.
    You my friend, have that “connection”.
    God Bless you.
    The UTE!

  25. GoldenGeode says:

    He seems to be quite uncomfortable.

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