Neil Finn (Crowded House) – Distant Sun (Acoustic live)

October 21, 2008 6 Comments
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6 Comments to “Neil Finn (Crowded House) – Distant Sun (Acoustic live)”
  1. Hawk10Eyes says:

    6th time (what A song)

  2. Hawk10Eyes says:

    I really do like this version (5th time hearing it–thanks to you)

  3. No worries. check out the Roddy Frame ones as well

  4. tambluey says:

    thanks keef for posting these great songs

  5. TableTea says:

    class. class.class.

  6. alkadypod says:

    Neil is just NEIL BLOODY AMAZING

    and i hope when and if i meet my maker at the pearly gates if the angels sing like him i will know I am in heaven

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