neil finn better be home soon live

June 3, 2007 25 Comments
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25 Comments to “neil finn better be home soon live”
  1. jonnyking29 says:

    @Bellycopter exactly mate, neil is just an endless fountain of fantastic music and a real perfectionist, definately for me he’s the greatest artist of all time, after all these years to be still writing such outstanding stuff, even his oldest stuff is still fresh and ya never tire of listening to it, and performing with more energy than guys half his age is a real credit to him, he just loves it! looking forward to the new CH album and the bliss that it’s sure to bring

  2. Bellycopter says:

    @jonnyking29 thats so true mate! neil is a legend! i dont think ppl realise today wat a brilliant artist he is and every song means sumthing! truely moving stuff and yes mcCarntney learn how to tie laces!

  3. davescotch1 says:

    very emotional.Brings tears to my eyes all the time.Rest in peace hessie you will always be missed mate but never forgotten.

  4. theute01 says:

    You have done your cobber proud.
    I have watched this vid many times and only had enough guts, to write something now. Many have lost a friend, in the same way. Many questions with no answers. We live our life with the loss of someone, who should be with us.
    I am now tripping over emotion and will go.

  5. jjaypatton says:

    @sparhawk1975 ditto mate

  6. 1flyby says:

    Great tribute to a friend.

  7. jonnyking29 says:

    Paul McCartney wouldn’t lace Neil’s boots! Truly moving stuff

  8. allaboutfame says:

    @jarred160788 totally agree

  9. BPOPINGTMO says:

    Go New Zealand!

  10. 68kira says:

    to the few who thumbed this down… really? not once ounce of compassion (the essential human element) running through your mind, body or soul. It’s akin to booing at someones wake. Hearing someone sing so heartfelt at a tribute to a lost mate ( and in a band you spend alot of time together )… shit if you don’t like it that’s fine by me, but show some dignity and respect for all involved and move on.

  11. sparhawk1975 says:

    somewhere deep inside, somethings got a hold on you, and it’s pushing me aside…….Neil must have tried so hard to reach his friend……depression is a monster…..once it’s got a hold of you it can be a killer. :( So glad my wife stood by me in my darkest hour.

  12. Great vid. ***** and fav :)

  13. Such a great song, great momment, great bloke, RIP Hessy

  14. mkr174 says:

    Saw the guys in Sheffield England of all places in ’93. Still love it – allways will.

  15. pepetua123 says:

    so poignant, so painful – such a tribute

  16. @gxd4b1 insecure people keeping play the ‘which country do they belong to card’…
    no, no they dont.

    we dnt try n claim men at work as ours.
    im sure u would have something 2 say about tht.. n thn ud be a insecure.

  17. ramadarose41 says:

    get real people! this shouldn’t be a fight over where they’re from. Paul was from Australia, so was Nick, and Neil was from New Zealand. the band was formed in Australia, therefore they are an Aussie band. my thinking is that because the lead of the band, Neil Finn, is from NZ, means that there are strong vibes from that country. don’t dwell on where they are from folks, just enjoy the music! this video is supposed to be a memorial to Paul. remember that!!

  18. pepetua123 says:

    stanbimi you are so right, so poignant, such a tribute

  19. jjaypatton says:

    5 Years and still it seems like yesterday. love you man R.I.P Hessy

  20. gxd4b1 says:

    @hollythekoolest only insecure people keep playing the ‘which country do they belong to card’ …….

    How does them being New Zealand actually affect you in your real life? No really …… how?

  21. its a fucken new zealand band. australia stop trying to claim everything.

  22. SpencerIves says:

    we lost a bloody good drummer that day

  23. poolwinner says:

    this video is so moving, ive watched it everyday for wat 2 weeks now? i think they shud keep that song just as neil singing it sounds so much better and means alot more instead of the new drummer playing it

  24. Kismet5898 says:

    MAn – this guy is hurtung and carrying it off thats pain right there on stage folks.

  25. stanbimi says:

    Neil Finn’s haunting song is a most apropos tribute to his chum. So moving.

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