My husband and his friends rented a house on a golf course for 1 week. What food should I send them?

February 16, 2010 5 Comments
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5 Comments to “My husband and his friends rented a house on a golf course for 1 week. What food should I send them?”
  1. there is a dazzling assortment of heat and eat meals available nowadays(some are unbelieveable and pretty reasonable)…you can send a bunch of those(or make them and send them and never tell), or send something that you can make at home that will keep well for a couple of days such as a big tray of lasagna or baked pasta (that way no fussing with extra sauce pans)…roasted or fried chicken (make sure to cut up in parts…makes goood golf bag snack food, at least my guys love it) one thing that seems to always go over good with the guys is a nice chili…as they can have that any time…also good next day too right? also send them a nice cold cut , cheese and relish tray with crackers or lil slices of mini sourdough bread (good to make finger sandwiches or eat with the chili) and/or a nice home made layered mexican style dip… good luck!!!

  2. shark says:

    Pasta and chicken dishes are a good start. A pan of deep dish shell macaroni or lasangna will be great for them and easy to re-heat. Also, chicken-french or chicken-parmesean is easy to prepare and reheat. For desert, you might want to consider a sheet cake or brownies.

    Finally, good quality beer such as Henieken or Coors will always be welcome.

    Good Luck!

  3. thomas w says:

    hello ,i think a great spread of any kind would be any food you would use for a picnic,baked beans,potato salad,dips,chips,macaroni salad,precooked ham,black olives,green olives dill pickles,sweet pickles,mild hot peppers precut celery,cherry tomato’s,cole slaw,premade pies,premade cheese cake,sliced meat loaf,ham or chic hen ,wings, hot sauce,ranch dressing, tossed salad premade, large round bread cut hole stuff with spinach, any kind of relish trays even premade if you want some wine ,macaroni and cheese,and array of precut cheeses you like,i could just go on, but usually picnic food is very popular.

  4. x-15a2 says:

    Booze and pop-tarts.

  5. Stevo says:

    beer and buffalo wings

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