my house is too crowded, i hate my life?

May 4, 2009 14 Comments
crowded house
woahalisha asked:

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14 Comments to “my house is too crowded, i hate my life?”
  1. Lori says:

    Well calm down first lol! Listen I know life seems unfair right now and hard. But your lucky everyday that you even have a roof over your head. I def no as a teen your prob going crazy and have no privacy I totally understand. Your right though your only 13 theres not much you can do for now. Dont ever say you hate life though because it could be worse you could be in the ground, Just take it as it is right now until your old enough to get a job and then save save save and start your life…you will be fine hang in there…

  2. Tony says:

    people live in shelters and streets be grateful you have a house you sound bratty

  3. try a lot of babysitting, and if there is a little extra room somewhere that maybe you could sleep in, do that. or wouldn’t it be better to share a room with ur aunts daughter? as for friends, i don’t know what to tell you. do things where you would meet people that don’t know about your family, and then try to joke it off. tell your family that they are sorta scaring your friends, so that when you meet someone new, they aren’t like that.

  4. luv2help says:

    Honey, I know you hate your life and think nothing could be worse, but it actually could be worse. What if you didn’t have a roof at all over your head and had to live in a shelter, where people were dirty, crazy, and some just like you. Maybe having to eat whatever you find, it could be a lot worse. You would love a bed in whoevers room if you were in that situation, so try and be patient and do good in school and work really hard so you can afford a beautiful life for yourself when you are an adult. I know it doesn’t seem like an ideal 13 year olds accommodations, but things could be worse. If you need someone to talk to, go to your school counselor, they are usually very helpful in matters like this.

  5. oceancity714 says:

    i wish you would ask this question again and give more details.
    why don’t you have friends at school you can hang out with?
    do you have any extracurricular activities you can get involved with like church or after school sports.
    Are there any retail jobs you can look forward to next year when you turn 14 with guardian permission?(depending on your states’ rules)

  6. Shanique says:

    shidd you have it a little easier
    there are ppl who have more ppl then
    that in their homes !

  7. eric e says:

    Oh! I know how you feel. we have a three bedroom house too and I live with my Gramp’s (both) and uncle, mother, and boyfriend and uncles two sons. I hate my uncle and his sons too they don’t pay for anything and they eat everything, and i get to sleep on the couch after everyone goes to sleep…ehhheheh. yeah. but i usually try to stay busy and stay away from home, Plus at least i have my Music, but your not alone…

  8. you can’t even get your life story consistent between your questions.
    go back to worrying about how to make out, bad as that is, the fake sympathy plea is worse.

  9. You HAVE a home, food to eat, clothes to wear, a tv to watch, you get to go to school! YOU”RE RICH!!! Some people eat nothing but DIRT cookies everyday and live in a tent city without running water or even water that’s closer than a mile or two if you want a drink, let alone have electricity! YOU are RICH compared to them! Be grateful for what you do have, it can Always get worse!!! It’s not about getting what you want, it’s about being happy with what you’ve got!!

  10. mimi says:

    It does sound way too crowded. but unfortunately you cannot leave. so how about you replace the word hate that you use so much with the word like. What i mean is the best thing that you can do for yourself now to ensure that you dont go mad is that you start to focus on the things that you do like.

    i know what you are thinking but believe me you can think of something. the fact that you and your family arent on the streets perhaps. your dad. food on your plate. life. and what with love. imagine how much worse it would be if you were blind or on a wheel chair? none of these things take your current problem away thats for sure. but they do shed a little light on the little things in life. the little things that matter and yet we forget to be grateful for.

    i think you need to leave the house…go and make some friends. instead of bringing them home, go over to their homes. go to the park. tell your dad and your gran how you feel about having no friends because of the lifestyle. maybe they can help.

    one thing you could do is write or draw. art is a great form of release and escape. good luck and i hope everyone moves out and gets their own places soon. they are all grown and need to get their own spaces because unlike you they can work.

  11. TeenMom says:

    join a club at school, that way in the morning u go to school, come home round five, study and go to sleep, you can become friends with the other kids within the club, and they dont have to know your family unless u want them to know, life sucks for every 13 year old but like other readers have said be grateful that u have a family who love and support u, and i know this may sound sick but just think when you grandma and grandpa pass on they may leave you a little something to help your life not be so miserable anymore so hold on and pray they have life insurance…just kidding. But smile be happy be youthful I wish I was 13 again now im full of debt and depression, just hope by the time you are able to work the economic status of this country will be better so u would be able to see some actual financial gain.

  12. Bethany :D says:

    first things first, you need to calm down! i know life is hard right now! (im 14) ok look at the positives 1. you have a family that loves you. 2. you have a roof over your head 3. you have food to eat. at 13 the easiest thing for you to do is to get a bunch of babysitting jobs (keeps you out of the house and get you money).save up that money so you can go to collage or university. maybe you could talk to your family about calming them self’s down when you have friends around explain to them (in a nice way) that there scaring away your friends. try getting involved in things it will get you out of the house and help you make new friends. also if you could maybe you talk to your family about the living arrangements. maybe there is a room in the house that could be made into a bedroom for you and if you have to share a room ask to share a room with you cousin that would be better then sharing one with your grandma. i hope this helps you out!

    Bethany :D

  13. Laredo says:

    For starters, try mending some fences with your mother. She may not be the bad person you heard she was. Divorced parents don’t always tell the truth about their ex-spouse. Stop telling yourself that you hate your mother and GIVE LOVE A CHANCE.

    It could be that she would love to have you come live with her. Give your mother a call and have a good conversation with her without you talking hateful to her and see what she says. Tell her what a horrible mess you are living in and ask for suggestions.

    I’m sorry sweetie, I know it’s so hard on you. My prayers are with you.

    I have to ask, why on earth are so many ADULTS living in the same house? Is everyone squatting on your grandma living off her? That bunch must be sleeping in shifts and walking on top of each other. Why aren’t they working and making their own way.

    Why is your dad living there instead of having a house or apartment for just you and him. You need to get him alone and tell him exactly how you feel.

  14. don’t listen to that guy who called you bratty. i would be having a hernia if i lived in your conditions! maybe you could share a room with your aunt’s daughter. she sounds like she’s closer to your age than your grandma. once your aunt’s daughter moves in, you could make the room look younger. as for money, babysit, babysit, babysit. i make about 30 bucks every other week on babysitting. do you have a local pool? ask if you could get a job there as the snack bar person. you could mow lawns, take care of cats and dogs, water gardens, etc.

    get a journal, too! whenever i feel like i’m about to rip someone’s head off, i grab my journal and write in all caps, with multiple exclamation points. lol! another funny thing to do would be draw faces on stuffed animals of your various family members, whenever you get mad at one of them, punch the you know what out of the stuffed animal!!

    i can understand how you would feel cramped. go for walks, climb up a tree, get a goldfish, something. maybe you could have a treehouse room built? or if you have a shed, you could put your room out there.

    but, hunni, life is precious. how would you feel if the world started crumbling like in that 2012 movie trailer? you would fight for your life, wouldn’t you? that’s what i’m saying. a lot of people think that they hate their lives, they wish they could die, yet they don’t realize they want life deep inside of them. life is most definitely short. live it!!!! good luck :) )

    p.s. and that friends thing? don’t bring your friends home. make them at school, and keep them at school. you shouldn’t have to go through these years alone. i wish you the best of luck :)

    cheers ^_^

    EDIT: also, you could talk to your family. explain you feel cramped, and you need some privacy. family is a treasure. they will hopefully arrange something that you’re more comfortable with.

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