Meat Loaf – Rock´N´Roll Dreams Come Through

June 6, 2006 25 Comments
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25 Comments to “Meat Loaf – Rock´N´Roll Dreams Come Through”
  1. @smirch That’s not the reason. She stopped eating, like so many actresses.

  2. NateXXXX says:

    @smirch Love stinmans work and agree she was hot

  3. dannyrighi says:

    a masterpiece thanx meat loaf for giving us your music!!!!

  4. like jims version 2 of bad for good.

  5. GunFall08 says:

    nice poetry.. its a shame theres no longer poets nor singers like this
    these days …..

  6. MrJDred says:

    Meat Loaf is just epic, regardless of what he looks like. His music rocks the world.

  7. dazid1 says:

    @Atomnyul i agree sadly no more

  8. dazid1 says:

    I agree sadly no more

  9. AntNuz says:

    Yeah but very, very, inside…

  10. petetang1985 says:

    @AntNuz yeah true but he is beautiful inside and a really cool guy.

  11. fanjustthe says:

    wow Ive been listening to this song for a very long time but i didn’t it was meatloaf who sang this wonderful song

  12. derfla666 says:

    Damn!,,,Angelina Jolie was gorgeous since birth!

  13. AntNuz says:

    His always very ugly. But girls with him, are always beatiful!

  14. arod12234 says:

    there he is with his motor cycle again.

  15. VjStrype says:

    wow i loved this song so much when it was released and i didnt knew that was angelina jolie, back then i diint know anything bout her, but now im watching this video and I’m like WOW how didnt I notice :p

  16. Budpac says:


  17. RamBam3000 says:

    Is it me, or does Angie look like Summer Glau in this video?

  18. tonner45 says:

    ty, im alive again :)

  19. swlabr2 says:

    @smirch Yeah, too bad what she did to herself… even though I guess she’d still be able to fool me ;)

  20. scottjop656 says:

    nice song but audio quality aint so good

  21. Arillane says:

    Why is that girl running away?

  22. dieguito2378 says:

    Angelina: ….. hermosa a los 15 años
    …. hermosa a los 20 ….. hermosa a los 30 …
    por siempre HERMOSA

  23. Maybe but i know did a better version that anyone else

  24. She was painfully hot back before she adopted half a million cosmetic surgeries and turned herself into an extraterrestrial.

  25. smirch says:

    She was actually painfully hot back before she started adopting half of the orphans from cambodia and namibia.

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