Lester – Neil Finn acoustic solo

May 30, 2010 25 Comments

A live acoustic performance of the rare song “Lester” by Neil Finn. Originally available on RollingStone.com in 2002.

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25 Comments to “Lester – Neil Finn acoustic solo”
  1. defkon100 says:

    Yeah I miss my baby girl Sasha ( boston terrier/ blue healer mix ), although she is not passed away, she was left with my now ex-fiance, and I miss Sasha more than my ex. Great family member and she just adored me,. She would always come into the bedroom and nudge me with her nose as I was sitting in my desk chair, just so I could pet her. I have never cried over a pet except for her. Wish I could see her gain for just a day and love all over her.

  2. 123aliciakeys says:

    But After Glow, I promise you will love it. Trust me, i am Neils’s biggest fan!!

  3. Nigelxman says:

    What a beautiful fucking guy this Neil Finn bloke :-) Cheers all from California.

  4. harrisonlowe1 says:

    This song gives a much more open view into his lyric style and how he writes …I like that as a writer who has been strongly influences by Neil Finns writing.

  5. scalesinblue says:

    It’s lovely to see Neil still performing. Did someone say he’s “nearly 40″ as if to say that were old? Wow. I’m nearly 50 & just getting my start in the world of music. The Finn Bros. are on my list of inspirational musicians. We should all be so talentless… if you’ve nothing nice to say…Peace

  6. hardcorelibertarian says:

    This song is so sad ;__;

  7. billdapony says:

    Riiiight, and this is coming from someone who calls himself “pimpin’ “. Please go take a nap in traffic.

  8. anythingfinn says:

    That’s so funnt about the “man servent”!! love the kyrics “head of security” dogs will always know first if someone is lurking in the shadows!

  9. miss2tone says:

    Oh and thanks so much for this video its wonderful x

  10. thalkettoth says:

    what a songwriter :)

  11. MariosLasagna says:

    i like dogs

  12. SpencerIves says:

    He’s in his late 40′s, give him a break. Not many people can still sound this good at that age.

  13. jamesstafforduk says:

    Think he meant officially. The Afterglow on was a home demo.

  14. erikakismet says:

    any one who has really loved a dog had said this prayer. Atheist…included.

  15. ChildOfTheColdMoon says:

    I love this, it’s awesome that someone could love a pet enough to write a song about him. I just don’t get how anyone could not know this song is about a dog, with the references to four legs, eating plants and “us humans”….

  16. Anag2080 says:

    neil finn’s singing is bad? dude, that’s an oxymoron.

  17. BucketheadLS1 says:

    The singing is bad, seriously.

  18. SadBstard says:

    Only you could write so honestly, Neil. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. SorbeMAN says:

    Pedazo canción. Para los que no lo sepan trata sobre su perro Lester. Recordar que “Black & White Boy” también hablaba sobre éste, aunque hay quien dice que la canción se refería a Paul Hester. De todos modos hay que alabar el trabajo de Neil Finn. Quién sino él es capaz de componer una canción así sobre un perro.

  20. Anag2080 says:

    This is one of my faves by CH it’s short but so beautiful. I had no idea it was about a pet though LOL :)

  21. richyokes says:

    Maton brand (not Martin)……Australian company. He has many, including an amazing vintage electric 12-string.

  22. richyokes says:

    It has been recorded and released. The album ‘Afterglow’, released 2000. Not sure why Neil says it was never recorded….

  23. alkadypod says:

    lol “MAN SERVANT” Neil I love you and I love this song, so much love about the family pet

  24. nickl882 says:

    anybody know what kind of guitar that is? i really like it.

  25. cromwellian13 says:

    A songwriter for the ages…

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