Jonas Brothers – Play My Music (Full Video)

September 3, 2006 23 Comments
jonaspandemonium asked:

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23 Comments to “Jonas Brothers – Play My Music (Full Video)”
  1. Lady GaGa Likes Cooking in Her Underwear and Stilettos!! – - Nakedlady gaga. C00Mm – – Just Awesome

  2. take a deep breath
    2. think of someone u like
    3. press F10 5 times
    4. send this to 5 youtube videos
    5. look at ur backround

  3. OMFG, A 3.1.3 JAILBREAK, ADD THIS TO URL: /watch?v=GeDVn1oWphw

  4. i cant wait for camp rock 2 :) ))

  5. acords2009 says:

    Acesse CAROLINE LIMA e veja fotos e videos, 14 anos,canta toca e compõe suas próprias musicas

  6. 123xxisa says:

    Sooo amazing song !!!
    Favourite song of Camp Rock !!!

  7. Wow, I just found one of the easiet Jailbreaks in the world, works for any Ipod, even 3.1.3 just add this to your URL: watch?v=O_DKhEoDlBc

  8. ToriMely says:

    the song say: y si no me rio haha ok

  9. Joe looked soo hot with long hair.
    but now he looks so not hot no more.

  10. Madking421 says:

    fuck this shit the beatles will live on forever

  11. linda80643 says:

    me gusta su music i love joe and nick and kevin

  12. xXblythe says:

    None of them look as good as they used to

  13. 1. put your hands on your chest
    2. think of a person
    3. that person will love you or ask you out tomorrow
    4. the catch put this on 5 videos or will not be true

  14. like it!!
    co’z i love jonasbrothers very much!!

  15. Joe looks hot here but he is not anymore :L

  16. berch67200 says:

    am boy mais the musik is very goodd !!!!!! viva jonas joe !!!!!!!!!! i love

  17. Great video!!!

    Check out the video of me putting my iPad in a blender on my channel :)

  18. b4Originals says:

    Hey please check out some songs my band wrote and recorded….they are mostly pop rock songs…thanks, it would mean a lot!

  19. daniel18rox says:

    95% of all teens would go into a panic if the Jonas brothers were on a 247 foot building about to jump. copy and? paste this if you are one of? the 5% who brought popcorn,a chair, and SHOUTED JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1

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  21. smileylulu58 says:

    @thtzttlykewl actually joe is dating hes dating demi lovato
    and you can find out by searching on youtube demi is dating joe jonas
    at the an iterview she confesed

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