JoeyJunior15 – Youtube Stars Interview (Sweden)

April 17, 2006 25 Comments
skyyjohn asked:


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25 Comments to “JoeyJunior15 – Youtube Stars Interview (Sweden)”
  1. @kijkenify jizz actually. na just joking i think its something to to with tha fountain in the backround backround

  2. basicallybasicallybasicallybasicallybasicallybasicallybasically


  4. BeatFxz says:

    He pasted the beard with glue ;) LMAO

  5. kijkenify says:

    by 4.16 min is that spit or what

  6. icecreamftw7 says:

    @CoffeWaffleFry rofl i luv how he sees lars, i feel the same

  7. lol ant 7:35 david looked terified

  8. vadeviski says:

    I was Enjoying this up until Skyjohn got Stereotypical on Rock Music. Just because they don’t scream about Fried Chicken and Raping White Women. See what i did…i stooped to his Level ;)

  9. siire says:

    @8rate haha yupp, true story!

  10. 8rate says:


    My? Wait…are you the singer?

  11. larrygang007 says:

    Joeyjunior15 is fucking awesome,
    Hè play’s THE best covers of slipknot’s numbers :D . And hè is far over Metallica’s drummer xD


  12. martingonz1 says:

    @SirDrummerMan LMAOO ULRIOCH “? BETTER THAN HIM? too bad it was the fucking 80s and that was the “HArd Metal/Rock” back than and they just got fucking known by playing their gay shows, ulrich is just fucking horrible, no diversity in his playing like he said 100%

  13. martingonz1 says:

    Dude your fknn like 10x better than ulrich hate you for saying this? hell nahh love you for saying that xD no homo :p

  14. lars ulrich is terrible :)

  15. serious??… If your thinking outside just youtube, think the really world! Lars kicks joeyjunior’s ass!! If you think the opsite to me, Lars’s millions of records sold speak differently =D

  16. stavrosk1989 says:

    so u r not a better drummer than joeyjordison YET and u are a better drummer than lars u say..i think u r rly cool and u got some serious potential there but..better than lars and joey? GET A FUCKIN GRIP TO THE REAL WORLD. u r comparing urself to the biggest bands in the world? one word for u mate…LOL

  17. @CoffeWaffleFry JoeyJunior15 is REAAAALLY good. but his style’s a little different than lars. i sorta agree with you tho.

  18. GeriG1000 says:

    @CoffeWaffleFry you couldnt be any mre wrong

  19. @kakashi11213 were do you get Death Metal from, or Thrash Metal ???

  20. Soesii says:

    Samuel is cuteeee :D

  21. pharosu9202 says:

    I like lars ulrich and joey jordison but my favorite youtube drummer is joeyjunior 15 STAY (Sic)

  22. people please dont hate lars ulrich. . .
    we know that JJ15 is better than him

    but please dont say that things to lars ulrich
    we know that he’s a legendary drummer from a legendary band

    dont piss him off

  23. coolEman00 says:

    @xXRASHEEDXx I know, i agree, i’ve been playing since september 09 and i consider myself really good…

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