Jet Black Stare – Ready to Roll

October 13, 2006 24 Comments
all1of1her asked:

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24 Comments to “Jet Black Stare – Ready to Roll”
  1. NickCaligo42 says:

    @alex9033 XD you and me both. Hot damn that man has taste in music.

  2. LogBoGgED says:

    Bad Movie Beatdown rocks :-D

  3. BigT4389 says:

    @ExtremeRulez13 me too man

  4. ShuBerg says:

    dude same here!

  5. @flyerfan1248 looks more like the 67 challenger

  6. flyerfan1248 says:

    I want to say that its a 69 or 70 dodge Challenger.

  7. Thjat was the first match dude. Nobody really cares about the first match

  8. Whatever car it is, it kicks ass!!

  9. loblegonst says:

    rock on film brain, sweet ass song

  10. alex9033 says:

    You all here because of WWE?
    Me? No, Bad Movie Beatdown. TY FilmBrain.

  11. ajpfore says:

    @ExtremeRulez13 its more of a ppv theme dude… lol summerslam 2008s theme! try another song dude :D

  12. I think I’ve found my new theme song for backyard wrestling

  13. Yeah but other than that, the PPV kicked ass

  14. TheAnimeClub says:

    This song ponze all ppl! WAHOOOOOO! ROCK ON!

  15. Xenocidal says:

    What car is that? Front end reminds me of a 90s Jaguar XJS.

  16. lazorman8 says:

    Hells to the Yeah!

  17. tomken3 says:

    This song rock !!

  18. ayoitzu says:

    well the part i hate best of summerslam 2008 is jeff hardy lost to mvp right

  19. this is the best summerslam theme ever !

  20. Best Pay Per View Song Of 2008

  21. wbboy1925 says:

    i onlny heard this song last night on Music Choise yet I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

  22. tantrumboy says:

    what the hell is this audio preview for. This makes no sense.

  23. doomersign says:

    this song is cool and it roxs

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