Isn’t Crowded House’s song: ‘Fall At Your Feet’ amazing?

March 26, 2009 3 Comments
crowded house
Stevenson J asked:

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3 Comments to “Isn’t Crowded House’s song: ‘Fall At Your Feet’ amazing?”
  1. Lisa B says:

    why is your song and artist considered not cliche and anybody who enjoys Led Zeppelin, Queens or Beatles is?
    Oh and by the way… which artist falls under etc etc etc??

  2. Sally Mander says:

    It’s good. My favorites are always changing as I’m experimenting with new music all the time.

    Maybe by cliched you mean “mainstream” and “overplayed” and commercialized and other things like that?

  3. scaramanga says:

    Room in your heart by Living in a box.
    Annies song by John Denver
    Right here waiting by Richard Marx
    Home by Michael Buble
    Uptown girl by Billy Joel
    Walk of life by Dire Straits
    Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh
    Cherish by kool & the gang

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