Is Guitar Hero Or Rock Band Making Rock Music Or Any Music In It More Commercial?

September 26, 2007 1 Comment
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abelvega53 asked:

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One Comments to “Is Guitar Hero Or Rock Band Making Rock Music Or Any Music In It More Commercial?”
  1. Brandon says:

    do you mean are teenie bopper girls going to start listening to motorhead and in flames instead of kelly clarkson because they were featured on a popular video game? probably not. are we going to start seeing some of the songs featured played more frequently on classic and hard rock radio stations? possibly, but that doesn’t necessarily make it more commercial. it means that more people are being introduced to the same songs, so they are requested more. after a while, people will either get over it or look into the bands more and find greater gems than just the songs featured on the games.

    i view it more as your friend who knows music telling you to check out this one band, which leads you to discover an entire new genre of music, rather than your band’s song being featured on gossip girl, and all of a sudden you have a world tour and your record company is telling you to write 3 singles that kids who watch high school musical will eat up like candy.

    rock band’s popularity isnt going to make foghat do a reunion tour, though they might play “slow ride” on the radio a little more than “i just wanna make love to you”, because more people have heard of it now. thats not exactly commercialization, its just smart marketing.

    and anyways, true rock n roll isnt commercial. you may see kenny loggins on itunes as “rock”, but he doesnt fit into the same genre as the stones or pearl jam.

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