Is crowded house a good thing for the Dante at York?

February 3, 2008 3 Comments
crowded house
jmp asked:

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3 Comments to “Is crowded house a good thing for the Dante at York?”
  1. Sir Alan says:

    There’s plenty of stamina on the sire’s side but he’s out of a Woodman mare so that possibly raises a question mark.
    I hope he wins the Dante because it might mean some mugs start getting stuck into him for the Derby so that Fame And Glory’s price doesn’t contract.
    I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have a penny on a horse trained by Brian Meehan and ridden by Frank Spencer in the Derby.
    Get on Fame and Glory instead!!

  2. billy1976 says:

    There is stamina on the sire side like Sir Alan says, but there is also some stamina on the dam side too.

    Although by Woodman his dam, Wiener Wald, has been responsible for…

    1m3f winner in France (a full sibling to Crowded House)
    Heron Bay – 1m4f winner
    A French maiden whose best form was over 1m4f

    It’s not a cert, especially considering he showed so much pace at two, but there is a massive chance he will stay 1m4f. Very likely in my opinion.

    The Dante trip will be no problem at all.

  3. pkscally says:

    will he stay YES! nice stats billy,as you and sir allan point out,i think he will win the dante,but no guarantee for the derby,no value anyway,unless you was on prior to the racing post trophy.5-1 e/w for the derby fair bet,wont win SQUILLIONS though,but money back for the place.meeham was my biggest looser last year,with FRANK on board it adds insult to injury,rightly said sir allan.i think i will double him up with (dona alba 7-25 newmarket) cheers JMP. scally. sir allan did you recieve my email,dont know whether my comp is playing up or not.cheers all.

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