Into Temptation (cover) – Crowded House

March 1, 2009 23 Comments
Trevorstark asked:

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23 Comments to “Into Temptation (cover) – Crowded House”
  1. Nice work! You have a great voice.

  2. very professional

  3. IngerAnna says:

    Great cover of one of the best songs ever!

  4. bowes78 says:

    Killer! but do you have a head for radio?? :)

  5. aryel123 says:

    I very instrested to know:
    How r u recording your guitar? using what equipment? which mic, amp, acoustic room and so forth..

  6. smandert says:

    Man, this is great! Love your voice. I am working on this one, but I’m not sure if I still dare…lol

  7. Another inspirtational N Finn piece …it makes my straight chord version sound lame lol!

  8. That’s a Spanish brand !!! I’m going to buy an Alhambra finally, but I doubt between W2 and J4

  9. Trevorstark says:

    okay, i added the chords on the right side for you all! :)

  10. please tab this out for us all :)

  11. Trevorstark says:

    It’s an Alhambra W2. I love this guitar… Thank you so much! :)

  12. Thank you so much for all your vids! Please tell me: which guitar are you using? I want to buy one and yours is great!!!

  13. aryel123 says:

    No it’s just chords. Though it will take u some time to play them in time..

  14. Gatverdammah says:

    Hi, i want to learn to play this song but I am not even a beginner. Is it hard to learn?

  15. joseduran says:

    I was thinking to make a cover of this song, but after watching yours, I just gave up. Beautiful!
    Thank you!

  16. Howlinblind says:


  17. Mart1965 says:

    Hello Traver. Nice version. Can you submitt the chords used. It’s seems different than the original

  18. aryel123 says:

    could u please share the tuning u are using? U are a very talented musician!

  19. raufcj11 says:

    well done mate…i love crowded house! 5*
    btw do u have the chords?

  20. Stevie Winwood in the making!

  21. ejacobdor says:

    I wish I had your talent

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