I’m worried about the effects listening to rock music is having on my child. How do I approach it?

July 29, 2006 17 Comments
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17 Comments to “I’m worried about the effects listening to rock music is having on my child. How do I approach it?”
  1. Then take it away from your child.

    Its called parenting.

  2. Jade says:

    stab your childs eardrum with a pencil. They’ll never hear another evil ever again.

  3. Oh Dear :) says:

    You’re only saying that to start an argument
    You display name says “kid” so im guessing you’re not a parent?

  4. Stevejavson says:

    There’s good rock and bad rock. Some things like Bohemian Rhapsody won’t make your kid evil, in fact, they will expand his mind and improve his analytical skills.

    Rock is really broad, not all of it is AC/DC thrashing high pitched screaming.

    I assume you’re Christian? Don’t listen to Jack Chick, his claims are completely unjustified. There is absolutely nothing in scripture which says rock music is bad. Gregorian chants can be bad if you put the wrong lyrics in, and so can rock.

  5. CrackityMoon says:

    Lol at Jade. I’m not taking this question seriously.

  6. Hannah says:

    seriously do not worry about it. what kind of rock music is it?. i have been listening to rock since i was 8, sure it makes you want to go crazy on piercings and tattoos but that is avoided if you say no. i have been into cradle of filth for years, its sick and the lyrics are disturbing but it made me alot more educated than pop, rap etc. ever has done, so just let them get on with it.

  7. Tamzzz =] says:

    All you can do is let them know your opinion straight and then let your child make his or her own decisions, if he or she wants to listen to rock music that’s there choice. Personally I don’t see how you can think any music is ‘evil’ ok maybe it doesn’t appeal to you but for them it is totally different! :)

  8. xx says:

    There’s nothinhg you can really do if this child especially if he or she is older has already invested so much time into this genre of music and has become accostumed to it. Maybe you could take he or she to a hypnotist but I doubt that will work.

  9. frenchi says:

    talk to your child and playfully say ” nice song, what do you like the most about songs like this? stay playful and shake your head to it well asking what i wrote and you will be amazed, because your child will answer your question. and you can say but ” but there seen to have a lot of anger on the song but i like him taught, are you angry with something? and still be playful and shake your head like you like the song the song too and the child will be comfortable enough to give you answers to your question and finally make your child understand that you are there for him or her if they need to talk about anything that you promise that you will listen and won’t judge and YOU MUST PROMISE AS WELL IF THEY COME TO YOU.

  10. Stu-Jag says:

    Let your child do what it wants. Rock music isnt bad in the slightest – No music is.

    If you ban your child from listening to it then it will just become more desirable and you will end up with a small “stick it to the man” rebellion on your hands. I know this – my parents tried to get me out of rock music and it really really didnt work. Saying that – Now they love Rock music.

    I suggest you just try and get into it yourself… There is really not much you can do with what music your kid listens to.


  11. Suzie says:

    my brother and i have grown up with rock music.

    ever since we were born my Mum has been playing the likes of Pink Floyd around the house ..

    There is nothing wrong with us .. actually (not being big headed) we are both known by teachers throughout the school because of our intellect.

    There is absolutely nothing evil about rock music.

    get over yourself.

  12. Josh says:

    first off you are generalizing nothing can be all evil especially music
    some of the heavy-est metal i listen too is Christan i just like it for the music

    you cant shelter them from the world for ever and if they like it enough they wil listen to it anyway at some point

    maybe find some music that you as a family can agree apon if you insist on controlling what they hear but at a certan age you will loose controle and that’s when they make there own desisions and what they choose to do will reflect your parenting

    good luck kid are nuts

  13. Your kids are going to do what they want regardless. If you discipline them over stuff like that there going to grow to hate you. That same thing happened with my family. My uncles a Jesus freak and his kids hate him with a passion. Your kids are going to do what they want. Your just going to have to accept that. “I don’t think people should listen to it.” lol wow buddy your something else. Your a joke.

  14. Sarah says:

    I dont agree with your opinion but you are entitled to it and me personaly find rock music and metal music to be very relaxing as i suffer from depression and there is great messages in the words of some songs you should allow your child to express themselves but you should be careful as age appropriate music to
    I hope this help even a little bit

  15. I’m guessing he/she is a teenager and probably not going to listen to you if you blatantly tell him/her that you think rock music is bad for them, so taking it away from them (somehow) isn’t going to help.

    Some teenagers or just people in general listen to rock music to feel better or just out of pure interest. It’s a good sign when a parent is willing to understand their child before doing anything, so I think you should get to know about their interests in rock music before deciding that it’s bad for them. They’ll also know that you’re worried and not out there to get them or pick a fight.

    I truthfully think it won’t be easy to get them to stop listening to it. Rock music is difficult to define sometimes. It doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be fast, thundering, disturbing, screaming, crazy…etc. It doesn’t always have suicidal lyrics or imply anything immoral either. It’s a common stereotype. Rock music can be about love, family, friendship, and it can be moving, as well as optimistic and cheerful. It’s just like how some pop songs can be depressing or obscene. As long as you know the type of rock music they’re listening to doesn’t encourage violence, I don’t think you should be worried at all.
    I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to give you a better answer but I hope that I’ve lessened your anxiety about the effects of listening to rock music. It won’t lead your child to do anything crazy, dangerous or wrong. It’s just one part of their life and they will get angry if you make it seem like it can kill them. If you continously tell them that rock music is evil, they’ll think that you’re suggesting that THEY are evil too for listening to it and that you’re accusing them of doing something wrong. Once you do that, THEN that’s when the real trouble begins. But I can see you’re already aware of that.

  16. Dale M says:

    Music invoke emotion. So you talking about an emotional topic and gonna get alot of different responses to this question. You are basing your theory that all rock music is fundamentally evil. I disagree with the “all” part of your theory. So Sand Dune Kid you never listened to The Beach Boys or Jan and Dean growing up and considered it evil? Jimmy Buffet, Dick Dale and The Surfaris? How about Chirstian rock? Now moving on how you address this with your child what music do you play in your home? None and you are not invoking any emotion or feelings in your home. Believe me you then are just gonna drive him/her to seek out more “evil” music. You are not gonna be able to limit your child exposure to music so you can only advise him what music you like and tell him that you do not allow certain like types of music in your home. Telling him/her music is evil will only encourage him /her to seek it out and him/her will be exposed no matter what. Introduce him/her to Rachmaninoff and other very uplifting classical music. New Age music, ocean sounds, animal sounds. Ask which they like? Engage him/her in conversation about music. Him/her are listening to rock try showing him guitar music like Michael Hedges’ Aerial Boundaries. It transcends all boundaries of music.Silence might be golden but it lacks emotion and passion.

  17. Whats quite ironic is that I’m listening to Iron Maiden while answering this question. There is nothing wrong with rock music, its not evil, its just music. Music doesn’t make people want to go out and kill people. Let your child listen to what they want. What would you rather they listened to? Opera?

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