If the public is so 4 a public option then why did Obama & the House block people from the unveiling of it?

January 20, 2009 6 Comments
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MichelleMalkin asked:

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6 Comments to “If the public is so 4 a public option then why did Obama & the House block people from the unveiling of it?”
  1. I’ve never heard of the general public being invited to such an event. More tempest in a teapot.

  2. west coast says:

    I know its hard, but suck it up!!!, he is still your president!!! dont you just hate to LOVE IT!!

  3. No one has freakin blocked anything and your comment is an outright lie so for joe wilson let me say YOU LIE
    The bill, when it comes to the floor in the house and the senate will be for all to see and the house bill is online.
    The others were not bills, they were just the starting phases of the process, so all I can say is get a grip, you are not in Bush world and all I can say is that was an administration that lied to us about everything as we now know.

  4. Vintage V says:

    Polls show the public is for a public option. These loons at the town halls showed how ignorant they were when they opened their mouth.

    It’s the same as can be said on Yahoo Answers. There will be more anit-Obama people in here than what the approval rating of the President shows, and if you just read their questions and answers, you can see they don’t have any really points.

    Funny. You know for all the Republican’s talk on Yahoo answers…his approval rating is fine.

    You might want to get a new approach, you aren’t changing anyone’s opinion.

    You say how bad Obama is making things; look at the stock market, look at us getting out of Iraq, an American President winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Economists now say we are out of a recession (that Bush drove us into). Things are getting better, ignorant people can’t see it, but all the measurable data shows it to be true.

    Give it up Republicans. Your time has passed.

  5. The Dems. are only for polls that support their cause. If it doesn’t, it’s because it’s a bias pollster.

  6. myopinion says:

    Obama, Pelosi and Reed.. none of them give a good god damn what the people want.. they just want to say they did this.. Big deal.

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