If I like Crowded House, what other bands/songs would I enjoy?

March 2, 2008 6 Comments
crowded house
Justin N asked:

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6 Comments to “If I like Crowded House, what other bands/songs would I enjoy?”
  1. probably:


    the thompson twins

    modern english

    simple minds

  2. i like crowded house but i also like roxette.. or richard marx.. mr big..smokie..

  3. Soraya ( = says:

    Always Take The Weather With You (Favourite Crowded House song)

    And bands like Split Enz and the Finn Brothers. I haven’t heard them but they’re supposed to be similar and really good ( =

  4. Split Enz (lol… of course and Neil Finn’s solo stuff… all very good)
    Roxy Music
    Peter Murphy
    Big Country
    The Alarm

  5. syd says:

    If you like ‘Crowded House’ you will love ‘Split Enz’! Great melodies and lyrics but all a bit edgier and darker than ‘CH’.

    I’d recommend ‘Dizrythmia’ and ‘True Colours’ as they’re best albums.

    This is one of my favourite singles ‘I See Red’ from 1979, watch out for the very young Neil Finn, he’s the one with the glasses.

  6. midnight oil
    split enz
    hunters and collectors
    dave dobbyn

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