Ideas for house party?

January 13, 2010 7 Comments
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amyflag asked:

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7 Comments to “Ideas for house party?”
  1. Holly says:

    my sister is in her 20′s and she had a dance party it was a bast. Her house isn’t that big. We dance in the garage. She doesn’t have a pool or anything like that either. All you need is music, Games, Food and conversation

  2. bmwdriver11 says:

    Im not sure where you are at, but a game that has become really popular in the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio area’s is called Cornhole. It basically tossign beanbags at thoese large boards with holes in them, and scoring points. Its easy to play, you play with a beer in your hand, and everyone always ends up really liking it, despite the really bad name. Just do a search on yahoo, on the term Cornhole, you can buy the supplies online and have them delivered to your house. I guarentee it will be a major draw at your party :)

  3. CJE says:

    If most of your guest are all friends and you have plenty of pictures, put a DVD together of all your pictures of you and them to run on the TV w/music. It will create plenty of conversation and the guest will be entertaining themselves.

  4. Angrygirl5 says:

    I must admit, I don’t go to that many parties, I’m kind of shy. But food, drinks and music, and getting together with friends usually make a party. What about anything sporty like volleyball? Or for what about one of those kids water slide things. It may be a little childish, but those very outgoing people who don’t mind getting wet will probably try it. it may bring some laughs, especially for those that get really drunk. Here are some other things I can think of: karoake, poker, water balloon fights (if they are good sports), drinking games, charades, trivia type games? How about do what they do at weddings and get those disposable cameras and have everyone take pictures of eachother? Hope this helps or it may sound stupid. Like I said, I don’t have much of a social life.

  5. I know another guy said this, but cornhole is definitely the best party game out there. Everyone can play and it is very, very fun. Vollyball or croquet are other fun ideas. If you wanted people to stay inside, then food and music are good. If you have kareoke, maybe put that up somewhere. Have fun!

  6. KitKat says:

    Adults dont need to be entertained. They mingle and chat and maybe dance.

  7. ilana says:

    How about a wine tasting? Everyone brings a bottle and either wraps it ahead of time or when they arrive, so you can’t see what kind of wine it is. Each bottle gets numbered and you line them up – whites separate from reds. each person gets a glass and an index card. after tasting you rate each bottle of wine, and can guess what kind of wine it is. then you collect all the index cards and tally the ratings. you announce which wines had the highest ratings and also remove the wrappings so you can all see what the wines are.
    You could do this with a different kind of liquor if your friends are into something other than wine.
    You can also do wine and cheese pairings and have people suggest which cheese and wines go best together (set out a piece of paper for each type of cheese.)

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